back to article MariaDB cuts jobs, repeats 'going concern' warning to stock market

MariaDB has cut a number of jobs and reiterated a "going concern" warning over its medium-term financial viability. In a statement [PDF] late last month, the database vendor, which floated on the New York Stock Exchange at the end of 2022, said it was reducing its headcount by 26 "to achieve cost reduction goals and to focus …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    This is what pump and dump looks like

    That was the whole purpose behing SPACs: avoid the "inspection" of the IPO by finding some chumps to buy unseen. If you're a MariaDB customer you have to be actively looking for alternatives. Though anyone stupid enough to go along with this in the first place probably them in the first place probably thinks everything's groovy.

  2. andy 103


    When MySQL was sold to Sun, Michael Widenius walked away with something like the equivalent of £15 million.

    It's interesting how MariaDB is effectively facing financial problems yet the millionaire responsible for its existence doesn't want to help.

    He no longer sits on the board for MariaDB? No shit.

    If you can't piece together this information to work out how little he cares about any of this (besides the money, naturally) then I really don't know what to tell you.

    1. ChoHag Silver badge

      Re: Money

      Should he? Did his severance package also include a clause that he should shed crocodile tears when they fuck it up?

      They bought it, now it's their problem.

      > work out how little he cares about any of this

      Can you blame him? Personally I would need a lot more than $15m to deal with the selfish entitlement of open sores whining about "yet the millionaire responsible for its existence doesn't want to help".

    2. montywi

      Re: Money

      Yes, I did get some money from Sun for MySQL

      I spent a big part off that creating MariaDB and paid all salaries to 20 employees from my own pocket for 4+ year!

      I have been working on MariaDB server since 2009, most of the time for non or a low salary.

      I also created the MariaDB Foundation to ensure that MariaDB would be guaranteed to free software forever!

      Yes, I am not anymore at the MariaDB board, as I had to quit from the board as part of MariaDB Corporation going public with the SPAC.

      I am still working full time improving MariaDB and helping users with MariaDB issues on different public forums.

      I am also actively involved in the MariaDB Foundation, including handling pull request from external developers.

      What more do you think I should do or have done to prove that I care about MariaDB, the developers behind it, and the community around it?

      Michael Widenius

      Creator of MySQL and MariaDB

      1. SolarDesalination

        Re: Money

        haters gonna hate Mr. Widenius.

  3. ChoHag Silver badge

    > he said that in January and February of 2022, when MariaDB was planning to go de-SPAC, “the world was a different place.”

    No, it wasn't. Such arrogance!

    You made a mistake, screwed up, misread, whatever you want to call it, YOU did it.

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