back to article Linux kernel 6.3 on track for debut next week after ‘nice uneventful release cycle’

Version 6.3 of the Linux kernel is on track to debut next week after what emperor penguin Linus Torvalds has described a “nice uneventful release cycle’”. Torvalds used the epithet quoted above in his announcement that release candidate seven for version 6.3 of the kernel is now available for testing. The Finnish FOSS boss’s …

  1. jake Silver badge

    "Mämmi emerges from that process as a dark lump that The Register understands is sweet and a little gritty."

    It's the first part of the process for making Kalja, which is a type of small beer ... It's an interesting, very old-school brew, and not for everyone's palate.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If you like it, it'll taste bitter

  2. Bartholomew Bronze badge

    very normal and boring

    Great description of a stable kernel.

  3. A. Coatsworth Silver badge

    Who is this guy?

    And what did he do with the real Linus?

    Given the sub in the article, I was expecting a much more escatological and not nearly as wholesome "advice" on what to eat.

  4. Zolko Silver badge

    Watching paint dry

    Please wake me up when general userland drivers become available. Or when Linux becomes hard realtime. Or when Linux provides its own init system. Or when Linus swears again.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Watching paint dry

      "Please wake me up when general userland drivers become available."

      Too dangerous for no real benefit.

      "Or when Linux becomes hard realtime."

      Wrong horse for that course.

      "Or when Linux provides its own init system."

      The kernel already has it's own init system. After it runs, it passes control to init (if you are sane) or systemd (if you are not). The init receives the PID of 1 ... but computers count from 0. Did you ever stop to wonder what process had PID 0, and how it starts?

      "Or when Linus swears again."

      Daily, I'm sure ... he just keeps it out of publicly available print so the namby-pambys and hand-wringing curtain-twitchers have less to bitch about.

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