back to article Google Pay mistakenly rains free cash on netizens

Google has — unfortunately for some — fixed a bug in its Pay mobile app that was handing out free money to people. The cash seems to have been dolled out at random to lucky Google Pay users, who took to the internet to say they had landed bonanzas ranging between $12 and $1,000. One Redditor said they received six cash-back …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "We have resolved an error"

    No kidding. And you didn't need a bug submission for that, now did you ?

    Astonishing how, as soon as real money is involved, bugs get resolved reaaaally quickly (not).

    Next time, you might want to test first instead of moving fast and breaking things, eh Google ?

  2. Flak_Monkey

    The half cents.

    ...or maybe another Superman III / Office Space gone wrong. :)

    ...I believe you have my stapler.

  3. SnOOpy168

    the one bug submission, that I will be very reluctant to sent.

    I will donate this amount to the charity of my choice :-)

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