back to article Don't worry, folks, here comes Chuck Schumer with some ideas about regulating AI

US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is lately bent on passing bipartisan legislation enabling independent public audits of commercial AI products before they're unleashed on the world. After months of consultation, the Senate majority leader says he has drafted a framework for regulating the development, deployment, and use of …

  1. VonGell

    To begin with, Brin, Page, and Schmidt should be punished for halting the development of AI technology for the endless 13 years, allowing China to launch products that are equivalent to America's almost simultaneously. Thanks to these traitors the precious time was lost, and America lost priority in the most important technology of the 21st century. What valuable thing did Brin, Page, and Schmidt do? They could only steal my first patent, all while preventing me from creating AI.

    America lost to China because of Brin, Page and Schmidt! Je blâme!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Are you seriously trying to pin China’s alleged lead in AI specifically on 3 people who founded/ran Google for blocking progress on it??

      I don’t even know where to start with garbage like that.

      1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

        Donna Kossy did. Alas, the Museum is no longer actively curated.

    2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Apparently you have it in for BPS (no, I've checked your comment history, don't even try to deny it). Would you mind providing a citation that might justify your online war against them ?

      Not that I particularly care for either of them, but when I mount an argument against someone, I source my argument.

      Please show us your source(s), otherwise you are just ranting gratuitiously.

      1. NeilPost Silver badge

        In the slander against BPS…. I’d subpoena IBM Watson as my first Expert Witness, though if asked to swear on The Bible I assume it would cite…

        “……it is well settled that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution denies the government any authority to coerce a person into performing a religious act, including swearing oaths on a bible.”

      2. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

        Please show us your source(s)

        Dude, it's Ilya Geller. The patents are available online, and really all you need to know.

        I mean, he's like the StargateSg7 of the Re – oh, wait. Well, he's like another StargateSg7 of the Register.

        1. VonGell

          By the way, the same thing as OpenAI and Microsoft can be done much, many thousand time cheaper. And eventually it will be… As I said: it's time for absolute privacy, but Microsoft is going in the opposite direction, wasting billions.

          1. Cris E

            Well then you should be able to make a killing...

            ...with your awesome new, cheap, effective and controllable AI tech. You can buy Google and punish them yourself.

  2. Wzrd1 Silver badge

    So, they'll issue guidance on AI

    While possessing no intelligence of their own. For a crowd infamous for being challenged by a three finger salute, this should be entertaining, utterly useless and impossible to either enforce or implement.

  3. EricB123 Bronze badge

    New Uses for Old Words

    I used to think of guardrails as devices to prevent me from driving off the road and down the abyss.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Wiretrip

    Artificial Intelligence governed by Natural Stupidity.

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      … or absolute faith.

      See Roe v’s Wade in the US.

      Also how will institutional racism view artificial intelligence…Jesus/God did not cover it in the Bible, and there is no mention of it in the US Constitution, or amendments. There is no right to bear AI (as part of a militia).

      they don’t even like physical people not like themselves.

      See Data v’a Starfleet JAG….as a fictional depiction.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    AI Work in Progress ... with NEUKlearer More Orderly HyperRadioProACTive World Order ProgramMING

    ......... is where AI and IT Projects is at

    The harder one tries to deny it, and that which is to be denied is that Chuck Schumer's draft framework for regulating the development, deployment, and use of advanced machine-learning tech is a clone and crass rehash of an earlier Project for the New American Century, Rebuilding Americas Defenses, the easier it will be to present it to one and all as undeniable, and gravely to be regarded and thus universally to be opposed and prevented and, when possible and desirable, reworked for reiteration in a most attractive, and much more mutually beneficial, universally acceptable phorm.

    The secret to be firmly grasped, and which will save one from suffering a great deal of unnecessary, wilfully inflicted, gratuitous pain, is to not to fall into the trap which has one believing what one is being told to the contrary regarding that matter. I Kid U Not.

    1. Cris E

      Re: AI Work in Progress ... with NEUKlearer More Orderly HyperRadioProACTive World Order ProgramMING

      I wish ChatGPT would write more like amanfrommars1. The whooole thing would be so much easier if you could easily recognize the generated stuff, and the voice is so much better. I love the near misses on spelling, the hyperbolic adjectives and the rambling, disjointed, long, and unfluid sentence structures. I Kid U Not.

  6. Winkypop Silver badge

    Politicians and AI

    Aren’t they complete opposites?

    1. Alumoi Silver badge

      Re: Politicians and AI

      I'd say they are quite the same as both lack intelligence and they can only regurgitate what somebody else told them.

  7. Ahosewithnoname

    You lost me at "Thought Leader"

  8. flayman Bronze badge

    American values

    "Finally, for the protect part, developers would have to demonstrate their AI systems are aligned with American values... better world..." etc

    A) I'm sure this will not be at all difficult to objectively assess and therefore predict/risk.

    B) The High Horse you're riding on is getting very wobbly.

  9. I miss PL/1

    Better idea

    I bet AI could run Congress better than the AI we have now running it.

  10. spoofles

    Conspicuous absence

    Note that Chucky Cheese is not talking about the job losses that are already occurring due to high level executives embracing AI as a replacement for middle management and information workers not that he would ever do anything about it considering who donates to the DNC.

    However he is talking about putting taxpayer funded "Biden Bucks" behind efforts to thwart antics that contorted M$' Tay in such a way that a quiet execution was the only answer.

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