back to article South Korea fines Google $32M for using market power to stymie rival app store

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission today slapped Google with a ₩42.1 billion ($32 million, £26 million) fine for attacking a rival app store with anticompetitive practices. The fine concerned a local app store named OneStore that launched in 2016. As OneStore came to market, Google started to tell developers that it would not …

  1. Kevin Johnston


    Google are still refining their options to maximise their control at the minimum cost? Would be useful to have had the normal 'x minutes of profit' definition for the fine.

  2. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    Your bread is for sale in the Co-op? Sorry, your bread won't be sold here in Asda.

    Ok, I'll just go to the Co-op.

  3. DJV Silver badge

    ₩42.1 billion / $32 million / £26 million

    Is that all?

    That's total peanuts to Google. Fines MUST be high enough to be a proper deterrent, otherwise they are a waste of time.

  4. Detective Emil

    Well, at least …

    Google hasn't said "We take x very seriously" in response to this finding. Possibly because it doesn't.

  5. DS999 Silver badge

    Google allows alternate app stores

    Until it looks like they might be able to compete with the Play Store!

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