back to article Open source Socket Runtime arrives, with aim to drop cloud as a dependency

Socket Supply Co introduced Socket Runtime today, an open source runtime for creating native mobile and desktop applications for Linux, macOS, or Windows using web technologies, but with optional peer-to-peer connectivity as a way to supplement or even avoid backend cloud services. A runtime is an environment for executing …

  1. elDog

    Good interview, anaysis. Glad to see more P2P capabilities out there.

    Removing the controlled/centralized servers from the equation allows a lot of flexibility. But it also means that there is no central repository of "truth" that can be used to restore state when needed.

    I've found it ironique that the world beat a path from the big iron implementations to networked mini/micro solutions with a stop along the way for "client-server". We're mainly back in the client-server world again with most of our data and logic existing in the cloud, and controlled by the cloud operators.

  2. 1920x1080p

    I think they will find Pied Piper have the patent on this .....

  3. CGBS

    Web standards? Someone go tell Google they're out of compliance and they better get that way or else! Nothing about any of this sounds unnecessarily complex with 1,000 different places something could go wrong. Also, everything about this smacks of counter revolution. Yes they say the right things like wanting to end the Lord/serf relationship with the cloud (an entirely accurate depiction to be sure), but something tells me they just want to be the new lords in the new system, not actually solve any problems. They make apps. There's a single business model. You.

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