back to article Why we think Intel may be gearing up to push its GPU Max chips into China

Intel is retooling its Data Center GPU Max lineup just weeks after the departure of Accelerated Computing Group lead Raja Koduri and the cancellation of the x86 titan's next-gen Rialto Bridge platform. Specifically, the silicon giant is unlaunching its GPU Max 1350 accelerator card in favor of one catered to "different markets …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Careful? Play by the rules?

    Newman notes that Intel, which hopes to claim a heft chunk of Uncle Sam's CHIPS subsidies, needs to be careful to play by the rules ...

    Of course, rules ...

    Play by the rules, lest they get (if found out) the proverbial 'stern slap on the wrist'.

    After that, as usual, it will be just business, again, as usual.

    These corporations have no boundaries, which is why they are called transnational.

    ie: they do not give a fuck.


  2. CGBS

    How do people keep falling for the great opportunity that is the Chinese market? You sat around and did nothing for the better part of a decade Intel. You woke up and found someone had kicked the crap out of you and was eating your lunch. Naturally the way to make the situation better is to go give away what you have left to China in exchange for being granted the hope of selling your hobbled GPUs to them. You've met with the ARM people this week. In the next meeting, ask how their Chinese branch is doing.

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