back to article Welcome to open source, Elon. Your Twitter code just got a CVE for shadow ban bug

The chunk of internal source code Twitter released the other week contains a "shadow ban" vulnerability serious enough to earn its own CVE, as it can be exploited to bury someone's account of sight "without recourse." The issue was discovered by Federico Andres Lois while reviewing the tweet recommendation engine that's said …

  1. Diodelogic

    Man, Am I Glad

    that I don't use Twitter.

    1. matjaggard

      Re: Man, Am I Glad

      I wonder how many people use it like I do - exclusively to publicly shame companies who give bad customer service.

  2. elDog

    Just like some other sucking platforms, why not just stay off twitter?

    (I didn't want to name specific platforms, but could suggest Windows, FaceBook, Lotus, Oracle, ....)

    Some other forum-style web sites seem to have a lot of users that just post a twitter link. Following the link gets you into the musky world where I don't want to go. I rail against this but am told that "well, everyone posts their important stuff on twitter - we need to use it. Most of these posters are just too damn lazy to pick up some original content out of the tweet and include it.

    Gripe, bitch, snarl, off to bed.

    1. nobody who matters Bronze badge

      Re: Just like some other sucking platforms, why not just stay off twitter?

      The fact that they say everyone posts what they consider to be "important stuff" on Twitter suggests to me that the stuff that they post on Twitter really isn't terribly important at all.

      Neither is it "everyone"; it is only the people with nothing important to say.

      Twitter is for twits!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Surprise two-way flow

      "... just too damn lazy to pick up some original content out of the tweet and include it."

      Thus republishing Twitter's content and inviting Elon to announce you as another monetary contributor fixing his debt problem.

      (Anybody know which 'side' Elon supported in the battles between newspapers and GNews quoting them?)

      1. doublelayer Silver badge

        Re: Surprise two-way flow

        I don't know if he made clear statements either time, but it's obvious which side he'd be on now. He now owns a company that would profit from news and has gotten into fights with real journalists when they had the audacity to report what he said and how others responded. For both reasons, anything he can do against them will now be considered a good thing. It's clear that whatever he considers a good thing in the morning becomes official company policy by noon, even if everyone else thinks it's stupid and it's diametrically opposed to policy as of yesterday evening.

  3. Christoph

    Would this tactic work against Musk's own account, or does the code that specifically boosts his account override it?

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Yes it does.

      "Elon Musk" is one of the four categories that a tweet can be assigned to.

      1. OhForF' Silver badge

        I'll have to look a the algorithm myself. My assumption is any block/filter action vs. a tween in the "Elon Musk" category will cause penalties applied to the blocker and not the "Elon musk" account blocking the tweet.

  4. Gene Cash Silver badge

    "accounts that have been subject to mass blocking"

    You mean like spammers? Gee, that's a shame...

  5. DrXym Silver badge

    Twitter turning to shit

    Twitter has been taken over by obnoxious far-right trolls who know they can say pretty much anything they like and nothing will happen. Racism? Absolutely fine! Transphobia? Go wild. Conspiracies? By all means. Misinformation? Nothing but misinfo as far as the eye can see. Reporting it will do nothing.

    But do not, whatever you do mock "free speech absolutist" Elon Musk or provoke his ire, or talk about other social media platforms or you will be banned.

    While Twitter was never perfect it did have moderators and it did attempt to strike a balance, weed out the worst offenders, and make the platform palatable to mainstream users. The sort of users that advertisers pay Twitter to put ads in front of. It's no wonder advertising spend has fallen off a cliff. I bet engagement has too and will fall further especially when blue ticks are replaced by paid-for vanity ticks filling up the "For you" feed with their promoted insipid brain damage.

    It's no wonder Musk is having a fit about Substack and Mastodon because both are looking increasingly attractive to people who want to be done with this BS.

  6. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Tweeter/Poop/Musk icon

    We asked Twitter for comment on Musk's tweet, and a few other aspects of this story, and we didn't receive a serious response, just a poop emoji as expected.

    Can we have an icon that is a mash-up of the likeness of Musk and a poop emoji that we can use to flag up posts that mention Twitter and or Musk

    1. Strahd Ivarius Silver badge

      Re: Tweeter/Poop/Musk icon

      you can ask Midjourney for one I presume

  7. aerogems Silver badge

    Who wants to take bets?

    If someone were to exploit this flaw to force a shadow ban on Twitler's account... what shade of will his face reach? The bright orange of a tomato perhaps? Maybe the deep red of an apple? Could a person reach the color of a plum without bursting a blood vessel or something?

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