back to article Twitter scores legal hat trick with three cases filed against it in one day

Twitter is facing a trio of legal challenges this week: German officials are going after the platform for not adequately handling user complaints, four vendors sued over unpaid bills, and another group of laid-off employees claim they were terminated without proper notice. Just another Tuesday at Elon's Twitter Towers. The …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Elon seems to be learning from his Master

    when it comes to not paying bills. Stiff the small companies and hope that they can't afford to sue. Even if they do sue and win, make it next to impossible for them to collect even one penny.

    All straight out of the Trump playbook.

    MAGA == Make Attorneys Get Attorneys

    1. ThomH

      Re: Elon seems to be learning from his Master

      Anybody got an over/under on when Truth Social will officially be closer to profitable than Twitter?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A tsunami of lawsuits ahead of bankruptcy

    I read an interesting analysis that legal cases tend to be quite slow so even the hundreds of cases that will have been brought by the haphazard, and some times outright unlawful, redundancies have been piling up in a dozen or so territories. Then there are authorities preparing for cases that may not happen until the second half of this year.

    In Europe I suspect we're going to see plenty of GDPR cases for not removing data when requested by users, simply because that is an existing law with well-known procedures. I don't see the first Digital Services Act or Digital Markets Act cases until next year as they are both new acts, including grace periods. All those can come with quite hefty fines.

    That means that from later this year the settlements, payouts, and fines will be stacking up for Twitter Inc. That may be a time when Musk will decide to file for bankruptcy. His business motives seem to centre around reputation, image and ego instead of profit or rational behaviour and by being able to say that he could have made a success of Twitter if it wasn't for the governments or 'haters' and 'activists' bankrupting the company, he gets to save face among the crowd whose adulation he desires.

  3. Howard Sway Silver badge

    received the same response everyone else has been getting of late: a single poop emoji

    Everybody should start calling it the Space Karen emoji seeing as he loves using it so much.

    1. John Hawkins

      Re: received the same response everyone else has been getting of late: a single poop emoji

      Mentally I :%s/poop/turd/ as that p-word annoys me.

      Though I guess that means it could be called the Richard emoji - hmmmm

    2. b0llchit Silver badge

      Re: received the same response everyone else has been getting of late: a single poop emoji

      I guess they are not sending poop-emoji answers to official institutions.

      Somehow I do not think that the IRS or other official organs will see lenient on such answer.

    3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: received the same response everyone else has been getting of late: a single poop emoji

      "the Space Karen emoji "

      And everyone named Karen across the world cried out in despair!

      I do wish people would stop creating unneeded labels and others would stop promulgating them.

  4. aerogems Silver badge

    Funny how the German's might be a little sensitive to the notion that Twitler has been inviting Nazis and other similar hate groups to all come hang out on Twitter since he took over because they're the only ones who will give him the fawning praise he craves given everyone else tells them to shut it and piss off. Guess it just goes to show: You can take the Apartheid out of South Africa, but you can't take the Apartheid South Africa out of Twitler.

    1. Bebu Silver badge

      Got it ;)

      "...Twitler has been inviting Nazis..."

      Bit slow, having seen "Twitler" just didn't get it was a Godwins Law more less until this context turned the lightbulb on. Reductio ad twitler.

      I didn't realize space karen referred to the same superior individual and was apparently awarded because the clown couldn't read the instructions for a rapid antigen test kit. Tough on Karens but the ones in Burma are getting a lot worse.

  5. Winkypop Silver badge

    Space Karen works by different rules

    Only he knows what they are.

  6. Coastal cutie

    The performance continues

    Time for a popcorn and beer refill

  7. s. pam Silver badge

    Deleting Twitter was my best move...of 2019

    Twitter became the cesspool of vile nastiness as the pandemic started, and continues still, mysteriously to become a 5-D shitshow of how to drive a company to the bankruptcy court.

    One has to wonder what the hell Musky gains when it is gone!

    1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      Re: Deleting Twitter was my best move...of 2019

      A bunch of fans doubling down on their adoration, convinced that a conspiracy prevented him from saving Twitter.

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