back to article Trade ministers flag researchers as possible vector of tech sanction-busting

A meeting of G7 trade ministers has flagged researchers as a possible route through which tech trade sanctions are being circumvented. Japan hosted a virtual meeting of trade ministers on Tuesday, attended by reps from Italy, Canada, France, the USA, the UK, Germany, and the EU. The statement [PDF] published after their chat …

  1. Al fazed
    Thumb Up


    The ban doesn't include Microsoft 365 , Exchange etc................

    Oh, now I get it, Russians using this shit software on a daily basis - is gonna fuck mother Russia far better than any missiles.............

    Yay !


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: B*llox

      The use of PowerPoint didn't cause the US failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it helped.

  2. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

    Nice double speak

    -> Yet despite the very cool relationships both nations enjoy with the rest of the world

    How many countries has China bombed recently?

    1. Grogan Silver badge

      Re: Nice double speak

      That's not the way they fight, they are far more insidious :-)

      They'll fight you economically, strategically with espionage tactics (both industrial and military), by running interference (e.g. supporting Russia) and they wouldn't start throwing ordinance or disposable people at you until you initiate it.

      I would expect them to make some sort of play for Taiwan while everyone else is stretched thin, too.

  3. Tron Silver badge

    More McCarthyism.

    They will be banning Chinese students from UK unis next. Then students from other nations. Foreign students subsidise domestic ones. Nationalism is expensive. Brexit etc. Eventually, it breaks the economy. The only thing you can do then is blame Johnny Foreigner and start a war. Are your kids of an age to be conscripted by Glorious Leaders? You won't get a telegram this time. Maybe a text.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: More McCarthyism.

      If Chinese students study in England they might learn the secrets of Yorkshire Tea

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