back to article Euro privacy regulators sniff Italy's ChatGPT ban, consider a pizza the action

As Italy suspends use of ChatGPT, other European Union countries are said to be interested in following suit over data privacy concerns. Launched last year in November by OpenAI, ChatGPT reportedly became the fastest-growing internet app in history by attracting 100 million monthly active users in just two months.  The non- …

  1. abetancort

    Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

    Extreme Right or Left Politicians like to regulate what we do or can't do. Both extremes feel the need to ban stuff. The extreme right in Italy prohibits ChatGPT and in Miami tries to burn books in public and school libraries. The extreme left in China tightly controls what portions of the internet their citizens can access. I guess it is because both extremes have inherent authoritarian tendencies.

    1. SundogUK Silver badge

      Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

      You give your agenda away claiming that the governments in Italy and Florida are 'extreme right.'

      1. GioCiampa

        Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

        And you yours by ignoring the "extreme left" part...

        1. sebacoustic

          Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

          > And you yours by ignoring the "extreme left" part...

          Hmm just because their flag is red and one of the Cs in CCCP is a leftover relic from 1948 doesn't mean the Chinese government is "left" in any meaningful sense

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

            well, they consider themselves left to your right. It all depends where you stand. And then, stand in front of the mirror, more confusion...

    2. Graham Cobb Silver badge

      Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

      No, it is authoritarians who feel the need to ban stuff.

      Authoritarianism/LIberty is an orthogonal dimension to political left/right. It exists just as much in the centre (which is what we are actually seeing with Italy banning ChatGPT) as it does in extreme left and right.

      Of course, very few people go into politics unless they feel the need to tell other people what to do. For examples of non-authoritarian-ism across the political spectrum consider gun-rights right-wingers in the US, trans-rights left wingers in Europe and laissez-faire capitalists roughly in the centre.

      1. sgp

        Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

        You might want to read up on Giorgia Meloni

  2. bo111

    Italy, you are badly wrong

    Is it because ChatGPT is an easy target?

    I regularly see how private data is mishandled by companies big and small. Ads for malware and phishing everywhere. Government sites sending private emails without encryption. And if you decide to report such a problem, government agencies require you to post them the case by regular mail. Those problems persist forever unsolved. Regulators, where are you???

    Italy is not known for particularly great economy, but they say bureaucracy is rampant.

    This initiative harms economy and development. I would be pissed if they blocked ChatGPT here too, as it is of a HUGE economic value.

    1. druck Silver badge

      Re: Italy, you are badly wrong

      I would be pissed if they blocked ChatGPT here too, as it is of a HUGE economic value.

      Doing your homework for you, is no value to the rest of the economy.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. bo111

        Re: Italy, you are badly wrong

        >> Doing your homework for you, is no value to the rest of the economy.

        According to a February 2023 survey by, about half of U.S. businesses are already using ChatGPT for everything from code writing to hiring, customer service, to content creation. Source: Forbes.

    2. Plest Silver badge

      Re: Italy, you are badly wrong

      They're simply saying it needs more work and should only be used as an academic tool for research for the time being until it can fully trusted to be let loose in the public domain. No one's going to stop you playing with it, Italy won't even stop people using it for research and learning, just not having it plugged in and used by the great unwashed masses as it's simply too new to be trusted.

      1. Inkey

        Re: Italy, you are badly wrong

        Plest you're wrong....

        LLM gets opened to the world, with the proviso that it's early days and not the full whack, and to be treated as such.... que indignant knee jerk histeria,..

        over what exactly?...

        When asked about data collection, tools such as chatgpt and stable diffusion, the bot was actually fairly saliant on it's responses.... that it was a language model, that humans should decide how and what worked for them ... and that it had no opinion, and regurgited pros and cons from both sides of the coin.

        The fact that there seems to be a large agenda to lock it up reminds me very much of the whole gene sequinceing debates.... which by and large is orders of magnitude a bigger deal, and what is said about it now? But the dozzie is that pushing it behind closed doors will be the same outcome as what the bio-engineering issue's are.... that only the wealthy will have acces, that authoritarian regemes will use it for greater overeach and dominion..... same as it ever was....

        And for the most part the great unwashed don't give a monkeys about considering the type of world they want to live in ... locking it up ain't going change that

    3. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: Italy, you are badly wrong

      I really don't see how a semi-random text-rearranger is a "HUGE economic value"

  3. xyz123 Bronze badge

    Italian regulator needs to be EU audited in case they received "unexplained" amounts of cold hard cash from Google, who have tried to get ChatGPT 'frozen' but not its own 1980s-level eliza chatbot 'Bard'.

    Can't believe just how bad Bard actually is. It has problems answering even basic logic questions and just regurgitates unrelated blocks of text from websites.

    1. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

      I've not tried Bard yet, I'm still on the waitlist. ChatGPT produces some useful results, and Bing AI less so, although I just tried it again and it did OK, even though the answers aren't constructed as well, they do seem more like search results that have been wrapped into a sentence, unlike ChatGPT essay format. Can't wait to try Bard though.

      1. katrinab Silver badge

        I have asked all of them if London England is further north than London Ontario, and they all gave me the same wrong answer.

        I asked Bing Chat for bus times, and it told me to ask Google Maps, which I suppose is a reasonable answer.

        Google Bard completely messed up, telling me to take school buses that don't go to the requested destination, and getting the location of the bus stop completely wrong.

        Google Maps gives me the information from the GTFS feed supplied by the local bus operator, which doesn't necessarily reflect actual operations, but I can't really expect any better than that.

  4. sebacoustic

    Still wonder...

    can Google resist the data-slurping urge to somehow use people's interaction with its LLM to somehow be used a s training data?

    Or was Tay's swift descent into a Godwin's cesspool enough of a cautionary tale?

  5. Tron Silver badge

    They better not ban my AI chatbot app.

    'Banter' will soon be launched on Android, Apple and VTech. Working on a huge text resource (borrowed from the website of a national newspaper), it can emulate a right winger ranting about any of 57 topics in an incoherent, illogical and vaguely abusive manner. It works really well for taxi journeys. Instead of having to talk to the guy driving you, you just tap 'taxi' mode and it will agree with your driver for as long as your trip lasts. The VTech version is designed to keep the kids amused when their parents are busy with important social media and alcohol projects.

    1. Sceptic Tank Silver badge

      Re: They better not ban my AI chatbot app.

      Your chatbot seems to be working.

  6. naive

    Lets outlaw the printing press

    Books are far from perfect, however, and can produce offensive text, perpetrate bias, just get stuff plain wrong, and spread misinformation – like pretty much all large language models.

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