back to article Australia takes its turn to kick TikTok off government kit

Australia has joined the growing list of nations that have decided TikTok represents an unacceptable risk when running on government-owned devices, so has decided not to allow it onto those machines. Citing "advice from intelligence and security agencies," attorney-general Mark Dreyfus today announced the national government …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Headline should read "Australia kotows to the USA, yet again, demonstrating it's their lapdog".

    1. The Central Scrutinizer

      Get a grip. Work supplied devices should be used for, guess what? Work! duh....

    2. Benegesserict Cumbersomberbatch Silver badge

      How subservient, to maintain sovereign autonomy in the face of illegal economic retaliation.

  2. Yorick Hunt


    What's next, banning Pornhub from politicians' devices? Preposterous!

  3. AdamT

    Am I missing something?

    Why is any government supplied device allowing anything to be installed other than the specific work/government required apps? Shouldn't these devices be completely locked down anyway?

    Yes, I know that many/most governments have social media accounts (even on TikTok maybe?) in which case, sure, let those people have two devices : one clean and one dirty. And, of course, any personal device they have should be completely separate.

  4. Grunchy Silver badge

    Tik Tok, nothing

    You know what, I still never got around to trying out Facebook yet. Or even “Friendster.”

    I’m still getting used to my Sharp PC-1500!

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