back to article China somehow got through COVID without MS Teams but – phew! – it's arrived

China somehow, unbelievably, made it through the COVID-19 pandemic without a local version of Microsoft's Teams collaborationware app, but thankfully it won't have to face the next crisis similarly unarmed. On Saturday Microsoft 365 made its debut behind the Great Firewall. Teams has long been available in China, but Microsoft …

  1. steviebuk Silver badge

    No morals then

    If Microsoft gave two shits about human rights etc, they'd pull out of China. But its clear they never will.

    Apple are "pretending" to but I suspect never will considering Cook opened a store there recently.

    Then we have Elon with his battery factories over there.

    All indirectly supporting a CCP who is building for war.

    1. jmch Silver badge

      Re: No morals then

      "But its clear they never will."

      Apple, Google, Microsoft etc have variously 15-20% of their revenue from China. So, no, they never will, however many barrels China bends them over

      1. Dinanziame Silver badge

        Re: No morals then

        Slight correction: Google products are pretty much all unusable in China, because indeed they don't censor results. It's probably not a big market for them.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: No morals then

      Microsoft won't be allowed to.

      Here is the Q&A you missed:

      Q: "How will the US spy on China?"

      A: "The same way as they do on Europe, of course."

      That said, I give it at most a week before someone intelligent sticks a sniffer on their network traffic, discover what it's up to and that will be that. They appear to be a tad more agile when it comes to dealing with intelligence threats than Europe, I'm guessing because subversion via lobbying is much harder over there.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: No morals then

        The Chinese will already be looking for vulnerabilities in Teams. As soon as it launches I'd say don't say anything in Teams you're not happy for Beijing to hear.

    3. anatak

      Re: No morals then

      ‘All indirectly supporting a CCP who is building for war.’

      Well if you became the enemy du jour of the USA, who are extremely ready and willing to go to war, you’d be stupid not to prepare.

    4. Obelus

      Re: No morals then

      Money talks. Just ask BAE Systems how much profit in the billions they made last year in Saudi Arabia where 81 people were executed in a single day. Cheap convenient products also talk. Will people stop buying Chinese goods? Will you?

  2. jmch Silver badge

    I wonder....

    ... how much backlash with investors or in the stock market there would be if a major tech company simply announced that they were not willing to offer their services in any country that didn't have a minimum threshold of online freedom?

    Because my hunch is that for all the protest from western activists around overseas repression, the people doing the actual investing would tank the stock if a company renounced 15-20% of their revenue.

    1. Dinanziame Silver badge

      Re: I wonder....

      It happens regularly that western companies give up on making money in China and exit the market. Of course, no company ever did that of they were making significant money there...

  3. ITMA Silver badge

    A new "weapon"?

    So Microsoft have discovered the TRUE potential of Teams - as a disruptive weapon to foist upon one's enemies to cripple them when they use it. Just as it does for too many "non-enemy" customers.


    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: A new "weapon"?

      Well, there is the small but important question about chip supply; can intel et al. Still sell x86 chipsets more powerful than the Celeron to China?

      Combined with Teams you have a recipe for slow cloud.

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