back to article Euro cloud providers react to MS potentially cutting deal on antitrust

Microsoft is close to resolving antitrust complaints lodged against it with the European Commission by local suppliers OVHcloud, Aruba S.p.A and Danish Cloud Community (DCC) over alleged commercial abuses. The details of the said settlement remain under wraps and likely won't be published in detail, which is frustrating others …

  1. FIA Silver badge

    Okay, I understand the story, but what I don't understand is why it's upset Greg Wallace so much?

  2. enorl__x86

    Microsoft built Windows... and uses Windows to host things on the cloud. Microsoft doesnt have to pay itself windows licensing fees because it spent a large (and still does) chunk of money researching and developing Windows.

    Saying that Microsoft has an unfair advantage offering Windows on the cloud, is like saying Ford has an unfair advantage selling you engines in the cars they produce.

    The argument is patently absurd, but dont let that stop socialist governments of EU.

    Whats the judgement going to be... that Microsoft has to pay itself fair Windows license fees, so the checks, same as what Amazon/Google/Rackspace/etc has to pay, get written from one dept to another dept...

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