back to article OneWeb lofts last batch of satellites to enable global internet service

Satellite comms operator OneWeb says its constellation is complete, with the latest launch bringing its total of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to 618, although it will add further launches for resiliency and redundancy. OneWeb - partly owned by the UK government - said a successful mission over the weekend delivered the …

  1. Oneman2Many

    I believe Oneweb are getting their kidnapped sats back in exchange for Roscosmos getting some ground equipment back from Kourou which they had to leave in a hurry.

  2. Raj

    Good to see ISRO's LVM3 chalk up yet another perfect launch. Two OneWeb payloads from SDSC in the past six months, lofting up a total of 72 OneWeb satellites.

    Since the Russian fiasco, OneWeb has done well splitting its orders between ISRO and SpaceX, with LVM3 and Falcon9 lofting all its satellites cleanly so far.

    Next LVM3 mission is Chandrayaan-3 - the Indian lunar lander and rover effort.

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