back to article Toshiba board supports – without recommending – $15 billion takeover bid

The board of troubled Japanese tech conglomerate Toshiba has announced it supports but will not recommend a $15 billion takeover offer that will launch in the next ten days but won't close for around four months. A Thursday announcement [PDF] revealed that a subsidiary of Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. (JIP) will shortly …

  1. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Ah, Toshiba

    The guys that cancel any different and innovative product (like FlashAir) that I found useful.

    I hope they continue crashing and burning.

    1. Snake Silver badge

      Re: Ah, Toshiba

      Like, ouch -_-

      Toshiba was once one of the go-to's for laptop & laptop innovation. However, even I wrote off Toshiba once they started in their "soldered-in-place" RAM era, didn't need that, nope, no thank you, especially once some of the RAM chips started failing.

      They rested on their laurels for too long, even resorting to buying into the HDD business to diversify, never-you-mind buying Westinghouse Electric [nuclear]. Add in the accounting & governance scandals and it seems their management went completely off the rails, only worrying about stock valuations and quarterlies versus running a sound company.

    2. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Ah, Toshiba


      Is it amateur day today? Have my upvote.

      Asianometry did a great analysis of why Toshia failed on. Can be found on YouTube.

      Check out the one about Sharp as well. All of the once mighty zaibatsu got greedy and screwed themselves.

  2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Activist Investers

    Do "activist investors" ever do any good? When I ever I see them mentioned, it seems like one or more rich people and/or orgs buying in and forcing a company to do something it doesn't want to do, then cashing out with a profit and no concerns at all about what happens to the company afterwards.

    1. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

      Re: Activist Investers

      No, that's pretty much what an activist investor is. Like all other activists, they go somewhere they aren't wanted, whine about something that isn't their business until they get their way, and leave a disaster in their wake.

  3. DanceMan

    Toshiba support

    Decades ago I found that support for Toshiba computing was non-existent. Nothing online, just take in to Toshiba Service representatives. So their corporate ethos has always been suspect for me.

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