back to article SAP user group: We want the same features on-prem that you put in the cloud

German-speaking SAP users have put out a strongly worded statement calling on the European enterprise software giant to commit to introducing new features in its flagship ERP system on-prem as well as in the cloud. DSAG, the user group which represents SAP users in its German, Austrian and Swiss heartlands, called for a " …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    The pendulum is starting to swing back and away from Cloud.

    I know we're looking at more private options now to reduce costs.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      I suspect they'll have to start to reduce costs now, I can't imagine they'll lower egress charges though!

    2. big_D Silver badge

      In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Cloud never really took off for many companies.

      GDPR means a lot of extra hassle, trying to move data into the public cloud, for example and a lot of industries don't let data be stored in the cloud.

      I worked at one architects office, they make factories for liquid chemical production. Most of their clients had clauses written into the contracts, that all data relating to them had to be stored locally, behind a firewall, no data could be stored on the cloud.

      I am currently at another company and fighting to get more use out of our M365 instance than Office 365 fat clients and Teams (with no file sharing allowed).

  2. Potemkine! Silver badge

    SAP in the Cloud

    It's not about customers needs. It's about investors greed. The message is clear: S4/HANA in the cloud will bring more money to investors. To make it possible, customers will pay more.

    To add insult to injury, another message was clear for customers: "You can forget your fancy ERP customisations because that's not how it works in the cloud"

    No surprise very few want to migrate, with costs and risks associated to the migration.

    1. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

      Re: SAP in the Cloud

      Its about lockin, for greed.

  3. aldolo

    cloud first

    happen many times to find features not enabled on purpose in the onprem installation, or even disabled onprem and still working in cloud

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RISE contracts - offshore competent enough?

    If many customer go to RISE and use HEC/ECS as their technical consultants, how many more tens of thousands of hours of downtime will that cause? [Gets popcorn]

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