back to article Uber and Lyft gig worker win overturned: You're a contractor, Harry

Local gig workers got some bad news yesterday: a bid to overturn California's Prop 22 failed in the appeals court, a major win for Uber and other companies who sell rides and deliveries in their cars. Uber and Lyft contributed to lobbying funds of more than $225 million in 2020 campaigning for Proposition 22 – a voter law that …

  1. TonyJ


    Why don't we call it what it is? Legalised bribery. It's time it was banned. Everywhere.

    1. blackcat Silver badge

      Re: "Lobbying"

      Cos it is VERY profitable for those in power.

      Anything like this in California, or even just the USA in general, comes with some kind of monkey paw curse. Anyone remember California AB5 which was aimed at helping freelance journalists and making sure they had proper benefits etc. but actually resulted in many hundreds of freelancers being ditched in favour of a smaller number of full timers? Oops.

      1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: "Lobbying"

        "helping freelance journalists and making sure they had proper benefits etc"

        In an ideal world either you get to be a freelancer or you get proper benefits. IR35;and, of course isn't ideal: you get neither.

        1. blackcat Silver badge

          Re: "Lobbying"

          Indeed. Politicians like a one size fits all solution and in the US the unions dislike it when companies use part timers/freelancers as they often don't need to pay dues.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Independent contractors" implies a contract

    See title.

    I'm sure the terms & conditions one agrees to when they sign up as a driver for any of the app services (rides, food, or other) acts as the "contract" in this case, but it's wholly unilateral. There is no room for negotiation or re-negotiation, and I'm sure there are clauses that say the services may modify/amend said agreements/contracts at any time, without warning/comment period, et cetera.

    Not the kind of contract I'd really want to work under unless my livelihood depended on it!

    (Confession, hence anon: I have done gig work for some local merchandisers working inside larger "hypermarket" stores via both Jyve and Hyer apps, and also GrubHub, but all that was in 2020. I also do document services as a contractor for a small one-man-owned California company -- no app required, just email. I did sign a confidentiality agreement, but as for payment terms and the like it's all been oral/gentlemen's' agreements. Again, not up for negotiation, but he's very fair and laid back. If I had any real beef, he might meet me halfway.)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    there's a lot

    of money at stake, not for this particular case, but for the future of 'disruptive' business, no wonder staking and other established methodology isn't working...

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