back to article US plays Whac-A-Mole with Inspur subsidiaries to close China sanction loopholes

The US is tightening the net on Chinese server maker Inspur after its addition to the entity list of proscribed businesses, taking aim at the company's affiliates that may not be explicitly covered by the ban. Inspur appears to be the new focus of Washington's campaign against Chinese tech companies following efforts that have …

  1. TheInstigator

    Roll on World War 3

    At this point America should just make the case for a pre-emptive invasion of China to ensure world safety, stability and security. If you let countries like Russia exist for too long you end up with leaders like Putin in charge. China has WMDs and America must invade to ensure world peace.

    Instead of weakening US labour (note the proper - English way of spelling this word!) laws for young children, they could just force the Chinese youth to work instead - all the rest to be held in camps for their own safety and security.

    Get Seal Team 6 in - asap!

    Job done - you're welcome

    1. Lil Endian Silver badge

      Wouldn't it be nice...

      ...if their joke was intentional? Then, later in the episode:

      Well... Well, I've never... I've never... China, I'm putting you on my list of enemies.

      There... You're in for it now, China.

      Ha! Only joking! Look what I've written!

      "I really like China!"

      Come on, someone else for the screeching competition. Mother Russia, she'd love a go!

      [@TheInstigator - upvoted for Yorkshire-grade sardonicism. Unfortunately, if I'm right and they don't know they're joking...]

      1. TheInstigator

        Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

        @Lil Endian I don't think you understand - I WANT WORLD WAR - I do not think that humans deserve to live and either propagate this world or anywhere beyond it.

        We are a virus that deserves to be extinguished as quickly as possible.

        At a guess if every country in the world decided to lob a nuke at China, I'm pretty sure China would lob at least one back collectively somewhere - and that's not mentioning any coincidental launches from any other countries that might get involved.

        No human is immortal - we all die - I'm just proposing we die ... quicker

        1. Lil Endian Silver badge

          Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

          Well, thank you for your clarification. You will of course understand my retraction of my previous upvote.

          1. TheInstigator

            Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

            Well pick a side!

  2. CGBS

    Gotta love it....boomers sell off the majority of US manufacturing and happily enter into joint ventures...cough...with China transferring all tech related to said venture and then some in the process and now they unironically are up in arms about the evils of China (not wrong) and how horrible the US has become for them to be able to catch up to us. At least the cheap plastic stuff at the dollar general marts are only $10 each now!

  3. Tron Silver badge

    There will be a slight delay in your order... we have to erase our logos and ship the long way round.

  4. TheInstigator

    At this point it's easier to list Chinese companies ...

    .. that are NOT on the US list surely?

    Which is essentially all the Chinese takeaways and laundrettes ... although I'm sure washimg machines have computer chips in them, so I'm not sure how that's going to work

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