back to article Cop a load of this DIY e-ink calendar to help plan those projects you'll never finish

There's more to inexpensive single-board computers than the Raspberry Pi. Some DIY projects are just for fun, but others also have immediate practical value – like a low-power, self-updating desk calendar. Cheap mass-market hardware is causing something of a golden age of experimental do-it-yourself computer building. It must …

  1. Red Ted

    Timeframe - very cool

    As you say he can certainly write well. His self deprecating style fits well.

    Glad to hear that the author has a Joyce!

  2. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    My God, it's full of pixels!

    I am very happy to see this getting the attention it deserves. I have always been a fan of the 'thin client' approach to information display, rendering the image on a server or host and simply downloading as a bit map to be put on the display. It means the code for a display can be very simple and easy to implement with the hard work relegated to the host. By rendering to a virtual page on the host and down-sizing for the display itself you only need one host program which can be enhanced forever, as and when needed.

    It's a nice framework to adopt and I have used this approach with Raspberry Pi Zero W attached to TVs and monitors and am now looking at doing the same with the Pi Pico W - It has become my 'hello world' program.

    So +1, thumbs-up, me too, well done.

  3. gormful
    Thumb Up

    Thanks for this article. Stavros's project writeup is absolutely hilarious!

  4. that one in the corner Silver badge

    Yay, he is on a webring

    Gosh, haven't seen an active webring in yonks. Good for them.

  5. Kane

    Portal on its own represents a full 50 percent...

    "...of the video games this vulture has bought in the last decade"

    Portal 2 being the other 50%?

    1. Liam Proven (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Portal on its own represents a full 50 percent...

      [Author here]

      > Portal 2 being the other 50%?

      Nope. Too hard for me so far. I haven't finished 1 yet.

      The only other one was _Untitled Goose Game._ :-)

  6. the future is back!


    So CP/M emulation and Turbo Pascal COULD run on this. I used a Z-80 Card in an Apple 11E and ran Pascal on it for a class at JC long ago. The lab at school had nothing but PCs. I worked full Tim over the hill in Santa Clara and night class was in Santa Cruz that made for. Avery long day but inescapable if I wanted to code and do printouts. So the 11E got me through, saving hours and hours of traffic..

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