back to article Google euthanizes Chrome Cleanup Tool because it no longer has a purpose

Google is bidding adieu to an application that enabled Chrome users on Windows systems to get rid of unwanted software. The Choc Factory's Chrome Cleanup Tool was introduced in 2015 – initially as a standalone product and later integrated into the Chrome browser – and has run more than 80 million cleanups over the past eight …

  1. ChoHag Silver badge

    Was somebody interfering with Microsoft's revenue streams?

  2. Blazde Silver badge

    'No longer has a purpose'

    I always thought it's purpose was to stress test my CPU at random inconvenient moments. It still does a fine job of that.

  3. Dustyn

    Good riddance. That tool was utterly useless and a total resource hog. Try to disable it and it re-enables itself with every update.

  4. VicMortimer Silver badge

    Clean up Chrome

    But the best cleanup is to clean up Chrome itself. And by "clean up" I mean delete.

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