back to article FBI and international cops catch a NetWire RAT

International law enforcement agencies have claimed another victory over cyber criminals, after seizing the website, and taking down the infrastructure operated by crims linked to the NetWire remote access trojan (RAT). Police in Croatia on Tuesday arrested a suspect who allegedly administered the worldwiredlabs website, which …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "fake cryptocurrency" - almost an oxymoron

    Which is more honest - "fake" or "real" cryptocurrency?

    1. Fred Daggy Silver badge

      Re: "fake cryptocurrency" - almost an oxymoron

      Can apply to "fake or real currency" as well. Shares too.

      Something has value only if you believe it has value.

      Not that I am proposing to go back to gold or silver coins. Because right now, what I value is a strong coffee.

  2. lglethal Silver badge

    If this guy was selling the RAT, then that means buyers. That means payments, which means a money trail. True some people will actually have good infosec and will be nigh on untraceable, but I'd bet a lot that the vast majority only have relatively middling Infosec. I hope they chase down every one of these scum that they can, and really throw the book at them. Confiscate everything as proceeds of crime, and lock them up for 5-10. Maybe then the script kiddies and other ne'er do wells, will start considering that crime might not be such a profitable endeavour after all...

  3. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    Cyber criminals arresting cyber criminals


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