back to article Chinese biz banned from buying US tech rent it instead

Chinese companies named by the US as prohibited from acquiring certain technologies are reportedly renting them instead from local cloud providers. The Financial Times reports (paywalled) that prohibited companies easily circumvent bans as Chinese clouds happily rent their hardware. Also, that Nvidia's A100 GPUs are seeing …

  1. Lil Endian Silver badge

    History Repeating

    The Thirteen Colonies gained independence from their oppressive overlords (gratz on that BTW). This was driven by economics seen as unfair, and involved grey markets. It didn't end well for the overlord. Humans don't like being squeezed dry (YMMV!) and find ways around systems, all the time. I foresee The Beijing IC Party.

    Cue Propellerheads.

    1. bravo6

      Re: History Repeating

      Exactly. Sanctions are usually an admission that your rival is more competitive, don't work and never have against a peer rival.

      Regarding $10 an hour. Quote "Maybe Chinese clouds' servers can't match other aspects of Amazon's boxes. There has to be a catch". Maybe the catch is that China is still getting dirt cheap Russian energy, while we are paying 3 times thanks to our "Overlords".

    2. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

      Re: History Repeating

      The Thirteen Colonies gained independence from their oppressive overlords.

      The Lords of Kobol?

  2. Groo The Wanderer Silver badge

    No matter what the law, there are always some scum just waiting to try to find a loophole. :(

    1. dogcatcher

      That's no way to describe a lawyer

    2. Ideasource Bronze badge

      It's not a loophole.

      They can't acquire it.

      They can't become the means to production.

      The security risk was because economics affect national security.

      As long as they have to pay hostage fees for access to the technology, the security threat to economic advantage is nullified.

  3. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    Problem solved!

    Get Nvidia et-al to name the next generation hardware "Winnie" or "Pooh" (There shouldn't be a problem with using the name now that the 1926 book went into the public domain on 1st Jan 2022).

    What it will do is the Chinese companies will be afraid to use the hardware lest it brings on the ire of who know, Winnie

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