back to article Acronis downplays intrusion after 12GB trove leaks online

The CISO of Acronis has downplayed what appeared to be an intrusion into its systems, insisting only one customer was affected, using stolen credentials, and that all other data remains safe. A Thursday thread [PDF] on the notorious Breached Forums leak-mart brought news of the theft. In that post an attacker named kernelware …

  1. ChoHag Silver badge

    They clearly didn't rub enough 2FA onto their For Security Reasons.

  2. steviebuk Silver badge

    Doesn't surprise me

    I used to use their backup software way back in 2010. Did a video on an issue with the schedule that they never fixed in all the versions I used. Where when setting it up you'd put in the credentials for you network NAS, it would say they are fine and you browse just fine. Then the job runs and fails due to credentials being wrong, which they weren't.

  3. Pinero50

    Spinning up a storm..

    If nothing else comes to light.. it looks to me like the customer is the only one at fault here, they have somehow lost control of the support account credentials for their Acronis backups and this 'hacker' has just logged in and downloaded the data on the account then claimed that he has 'cracked' Acronis, judging from his/her comments they sound about 15..

    Pretty much a non-story in my opinion, but spun beautifully by El Reg into 'Acronis admits to data leak as 12GB trove appears online!' apart from the tabloid headline the article itself was pretty well balanced, but if I was Acronis I wouldn't be happy with your initial characterisation of the incident.

    1. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: Spinning up a storm..

      Also, if you are dealing with backup images, 12GB is nothing surely?

      1. Korev Silver badge

        Re: Spinning up a storm..

        12GB is a lot of Word & Excel documents, much of those could be sensitive.

    2. Kurgan


      Or maybe the leak is gigantic and Acronis is trying to cover it up. Only time will tell.

  4. Lil Endian Silver badge

    From Hacker to Hack

    It seems the renamed and demoted Private Unaware was looking for black hat kudos so much they've achieved the opposite and shown themself to be full of crap. Can't say I'm stunned.

  5. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    Plenty of other awful companies with dogshit security out there

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