back to article Now Microsoft injects Copilot AI into Dynamics 365

Microsoft has dosed its Dynamics 365 business apps with "AI capabilities" to help human workers delegate tedious tasks to machines. Redmond's automation tools come in a preview form in a release called Dynamics 365 Copilot, a nod to the success of its GitHub subsidiary's controversial Copilot assistive code service. Microsoft …

  1. Howard Sway Silver badge

    a way to help employees using customer relationship management

    Yeah, let their nutzoid AI chatbot do all your CRM for you. Once you start losing major customers because it's sent an email to them telling them they're ugly and worse than Hitler, as the Bingbot has been doing, you might want to stop being so lazy.

    Even if it can avoid the crazy shit, getting the same "can't be bothered to spend time on my big clients" emails from multiple suppliers is going to make you look bad to the people who pay you money..

  2. that one in the corner Silver badge

    Finally, the AI can surpass the human

    > So reps, instead of combing through a directory of boilerplate replies to common queries, can now engage with customers using communiqués composed of statistically likely text to convey their commitment and empathy.

    The ChatGPT excerpts we see may have the odd little flaw or two, but the language used is at least well formed.

    > Or, you know, they could do it themselves for that honestly empathetic touch.

    Um, yes, well, how to put this politely...

  3. that one in the corner Silver badge

    All the tat you need, at the speed you deserve

    > by generating "compelling product descriptions for online storefronts in seconds."

    Because clearly the slowest part of creating, manufacturing and selling a decent product is writing a description of what it is and how it might be useful to the end user.

    1. Lil Endian Silver badge

      Re: All the tat you need, at the speed you deserve

      And of course the software (I can't say AI) knows all about your business products' USPs (Unique Selling Points).

      We all know what happens when a human cuts corners and copy-pastes from an existing doc without proofing it before sending. Where would this crap lead?

  4. navarac Bronze badge

    More Crap

    More crap out of Redmond. MSFT have finally lost it!

  5. Mike 137 Silver badge

    The old troupers' maxim

    "communiqués composed of statistically likely text to convey their commitment and empathy"

    Or as they used to say in the movie industry "sincerity is the key to to success on camera. If you can fake that, you're made"

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