back to article DXC Technology says takeover talks terminated

DXC Technology has ended discussions with a suitor that expressed interest in taking over the beleaguered infrastructure services and consultancy but was unable to raise sufficient funds in these uncertain economic times. The New York Stock Exchange-listed business process outsourcing and IT services multinational confirmed in …

  1. Jon B

    Mediocre leadership

    Doesn't help that DXC seemed to have a useless exec team, a revolving door where seems the only qualification is being called Mike, playing golf and having the speed dial of a McKinsey & Co partner to outsource decision making to.

    1. son of sam

      Re: Mediocre leadership

      Salvino is doing his best to win the lottery by trying to dump that pile of crap DXC to some sucker investors. Typical American over paid under performing CEO. When you don't have the talent to fix the problem, try selling it.

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