back to article China accelerates drive for scientific self-sufficiency

The full session of China's National People’s Congress – the annual meeting of the nation's supreme legislative body – has seen officials announce accelerated plans to achieve scientific self-sufficiency. Legislators signed off on a revised science and innovation law that will speed key innovation efforts, and president Xi …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How CCP is El Reg?

    CCP propaganda wants the world to recognize their brutal oppressive regime as a legitimate government " *ff the people".

    The CCP has been covered by serpentza and laowhy86 for many years and the CCP agenda has been exposed.

    Stop promoting knowingly or unknowingly the CCP garbage agenda.

    1. Wandee Thaweetham

      Re: How CCP is El Reg?

      I'm a newcomer to this forum and before I joined I read the articles and the posted comments, that seemed of interest to me. All this articles contained multiple comments from you and it let me a bit confused. Confused in the sense that I have problems to take you seriously. In 2020 you wrote that you have a daughter who is 20 years old and studies geography. One time you claim to be in the IT business for 30 years, here you claim 25 years. Before that you claim that you as a kid in the 90's had magazines which taught you coding. Here you claim you have two sons, 4 & 5 years old and one of your daughters is 11 years old now. Did you skip your youth or are you a time traveler.

      You seem to change years of work experience, family links like they are a virtual reality. The question I have now is: How serious can your advice be taken, which you so generously add to most articles?

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: "Re: How CCP is El Reg” is confusing, Wandee Thaweetham

        To whom is your post and its claims directed, Wandee Thaweetham? Thanks, in anticipation of undoubted clarification.

        Is it a case of it being misplaced here on this thread?

        1. FIA Silver badge

          Re: "How CCP is El Reg” is confusing, Wandee Thaweetham

          What just happened?!?

        2. Wandee Thaweetham

          Re: "How CCP is El Reg” is confusing, Wandee Thaweetham

          With only one comment present for the article I guess that it was obvious to whom the reply referred to. However, in the age of computers it appears that even this logical train of thought has gone out of the window. It could also be that on Mars things are handled in a different way, but I wouldn't know about it and wait in anticipation when mankind gets there, manfromMars 1.

          1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

            Breaking News .... but not the Situation you may have been expecting IT and AI to Deliver

            The following information, Wandee Thaweetham, freely available from El Reg whenever one simply clicks on the Anonymous Coward handle on post threads, provides you with what needs to be known about the many possible identities of the Anonymous Coward, and surely justifies the logical questions asked of you regarding your reply to the one comment from AC [Anonymous Coward] posted at the time of your response.

            As a newcomer to this forum though, and with so much new and enlightening, disrupting and developing to learn from attendance and attendees here, do all experienced here understand the stumbles and face-plants which can be easily made, with the great expectation of teachers being that there be fewer of them in the future* with the exercise of the greater knowledge supplied by/from/for/with IT and AI [Information Technology and Advanced IntelAIgents] shared generously here for universal and world wide web viewing and assimilation elsewhere.

            Anonymous Coward

            We allow anonymous posting because we understand the value in letting people post anonymously.

            But posting anonymously has a cost as well. It makes it easier for people to say glib, trite or troll like statements knowing it won't be attributable to them.

            For these reasons anonymous posts incur a "penalty".

            votes on your anonymous posts do not count towards you gaining forum privileges.

            Anonymous commenters do not get to pick an icon, but are all shown with the Guy Fawkes mask that appears beside anonymous posts. ......

            * :-) An expectation of humanity which may not have been accepted or imagined as a possibility by Albert Einstein who opined ......

            Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
            .... but hope springs eternal and thus one can never know for sure what the future will bring whenever the past and the present have exhausted and suffer the consequences of their moronic circular embrace, extend, and extinguish jerk thing ..... or something unprecedented and totally unexpected and previously unknown delivers the resultant reality and existential threat and/or treat via virtual means and/or memes ..... which one would do well to realise is where you is currently at with regard to your relationship with IT and AI, or its relationship with you as the case may very well be.

            Try to either deny or ignore it, and their stealthy overwhelming progress will be further aided and abetted to an extraordinarily inordinate degree guaranteeing failsafe their absolute rule and reign over beings and matter down on Earth ‽ .

            I Kid U Not. What now would you like to do, knowing now as you do about all that has already been done?

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: How CCP is El Reg?

        "Anonymous Coward" = the identity that gets shown whenever any post's author ticks the "Post anonymously?" checkbox before posting.

        It's not any specific individual's identity.

    2. Esoteric Eric

      Re: How CCP is El Reg?

      Do you own a computer, a watch, a tablet, or have electronic devices?

      What YOU doing supporting such a brutal regime?

      Smash them all up, right now, and then you can preach

      1. Nasu

        Re: How CCP is El Reg?

        My chinese made shoes are tracking my movements

        My chinese mad pen is sending every letter I write to the CCP

        The CCP knows My chinese made combination bike lock

        so they can steal my expensive chinese bike while I am asleep

        It is rumored that chinese made electric vehicles sold abroad are self starting and driving themselves all the way back to the middle of the night

        it COULD we need to ban chinese products

    3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: How CCP is El Reg?

      It's an Asian news round-up article. Did you seriously expect it to NOT contain anything China related?

    4. Lars Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: How CCP is El Reg?

      You aparenly consider knowledge dangerous, but I would claim lack of knowledge to be even more dangerous.

    5. Nasu

      Re: How CCP is El Reg?

      Ypu wont find this information in CNN, BLOOMBERG, NYT OR WASHINGTON POST

      Because it clashes with their narrative that China only copies or steals from the west.

      1. steviebuk Silver badge

        Re: How CCP is El Reg?

        Because they do. The whataboutism suggests you are a wumao.

    6. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: How CCP is El Reg?

      You get a downvote, not because you are wrong about the CCP and we know Serpentza and Laowhy86 are good but because you've accused El Reg for being a CCP shill. They are far from it, they are just reporting and we are able to say its bollocks in the comments. If they were a CCP shill your comment would of been deleted ages and ago and we wouldn't be able to call Xi, Winnie the Pooh.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To know your competitors you got to understand their strengths

    Fact: 60% of imports from China are manufactured goods and machinery. They didn't get there by being dummies or lazy, or just propaganda.

    1. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: To know your competitors you got to understand their strengths

      They got there from slave labour.

  3. SnOOpy168

    Errr.... I will interpret this headline as

    Chinese spying and theft of IP & know-how will increase significantly.

    Everyone who has R&D and manufacturing in China, should be very afraid and high alert.

    1. martinusher Silver badge

      >Chinese spying and theft of IP & know-how will increase significantly.

      Based on that other article that reported on the Australian think tank deducing that China had a significant lead in a number of technologies I'd guess that any "spying" is going the other way these days.

      Look, by all means criticize China. But its not a "brutal, oppressive, regime" despite what you keep getting told. The best that can be said about it is that its 'different' which is understandable given that its China and not somewhere closer to home. We have two big problems with the country. One is that they're outstripping us in R&D spending and R&D work. The other is that a goodly proportion of their 1.3 billion population are 'entrepreneurial', in that they're out fo make a fast buck (or yuan these days). Us harping on about 'them' not only echoes the invective leveled at the Japanese back in the 80s where they not only were wiping the floor with us with their vehicles and consumer electronics but they also were outperforming us with semiconductors. ("Us" is the USofA, of course -- I don't think the UK registered in manufacturing even back then, much less so now.) The only difference between Japan and China is that China's a whole lot larger and hasn't shown any signs of "knowing its place". (We don't like being out-competed by foreigners and you don't have to be Oriental to feel our wrath -- Canada copped it when it started planning a competitor to the 737.)

      Alternatively, you could keep piling on the Cold War rhetoric as we slowly circle the drain. Remember, every bureaucrat we employ trying to prevent something from happening is one less person available to actually make something happen.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        A Debilitating Wacky Wild Western Affliction with a Deadly Attraction to a Fatal Addiction

        Have an upvote and a beer for stating what is surely obvious to all but the bested fool and wannabe contentious loser and useless tool, martinusher.

      2. hoola Silver badge

        The other really important points are:

        They value STEM, whether it be education or investment. Why do so many Chinese students get sponsorship to study these more demanding subjects abroad?

        They think long-term. When they start investing in something they are not looking for financial returns in a year or two to keep the money-market spivs happy. They invest, do the research and keep trying, chipping away until they have products that are just as good, if not better than stuff produced in the West.

        Look at their BEV industry........

        Where I live we have Park & Ride using electric busses, all imported from China. They are a hell of a lot better than the 5 year old IC things built here they replaced.

        Look at the MGs, other than the stigma some people associate with it being "Chinese", they are competitive on all levels with other brands.

        Now the arguments about tracking. Pretty much any modern vehicle is collecting metrics and uploading them somewhere.

      3. steviebuk Silver badge

        Wow, a massive wumao.

        Lets be clear, when we criticize China, its the government we are talking about, NOT the people of China. Its the CCP that are the issue. The CCP are a brutal, oppressive regime. Go into London now and protest, you may get arrested but then you'll go home. Do the same in China and then you're disappeared. Why do you think there was the "A4 protest"? This was because anyone that criticized Xi's piss poor handling of Covid was made to disappear, so the protestors changed their approach. If you're going to censor us and stop us speaking our mines then we'll just hold up blank A4 bits of paper. To show we're being censored. It worked, it got people talking, then most of those got arrested and haven't been seen since. The protests started because Xi decided it was a good idea to weld people into their apartments to stop Covid. Then a fire happened and killed those inside.

        There isn't "entrepreneurial" ideas from the Chinese people, because Xi won't allow it. We have the "civilian" weather balloon that came over from China, that "Isn't military" but "You're not allowed to shoot it down". And then we have TikTok that "isn't linked with the CCP" yet the CCP says "You're not allowed to ban our apps from your government phones" and how many American apps are on Chinese phones? None, because the CCP doesn't allow it.

        Jack Ma poked Xi then disappeared for quite a while. Peng Shuai disappeared for a while because she made comments about the CCP.

        And then we have Huawei and their very funny "Sara AI" (look it up), that is actually a Unity Engine app.

        Its clear you are either blind to these facts or a massive wumao, I suspect the latter.

        But as we all say, don't take our word for it, do you're own unbiased research from decent, honest outlets.

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