back to article Google Chrome fights the power drain (again)

Google's code gremlins have been tweaking the company's Chrome browser under the hood to help Apple's MacBooks consume less power. Chrome has long had a reputation for being less than frugal when it comes to power consumption. These issues can arise from software design choices, bugs, and ill-behaved third-party extensions. …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Now to extend this to mobile phones

    Now they just need to remove all the power-sucking bloatware from the mobile phone versions of Chrome.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Now to extend this to mobile phones

      And allow installation of third-party adblockers that actually block stuff…

  2. chivo243 Silver badge

    Chrome, like bumpers on 70s cars?

    Safari? Get a life! Firefox, or Brave, Opera coming a distant third... As someone who has used macOS since OS X 1.0 (actually Classic 9x), I tried to love Safari, but it just seemed too up and down. One version was blazing fast, later on, it was just meh... I still dip my toe in the Safari waters from time to time, but I can't feel the love.

    TBH, I was a long time user of Camino.... it just worked.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Chrome, like bumpers on 70s cars?

      Safari is pretty solid these days, having caught up with features like FavIcons (seriously), tab groups, and it has some nice ecosystem integrations such as auto-populating 2FA codes when they arrive via SMS.

      However you do still come across the odd website that doesn’t function correctly so need to fire up a Chromium based browser of choice.

    2. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: Chrome, like bumpers on 70s cars?

      Does Apple suggest you use Safari, wonder how it compares with MS

  3. heyrick Silver badge

    when these patterns occur since no visible page change is required

    Any chance this was beta alpha tested on Android first?

    I ask because it seems recent incarnations, if you have pinched out to zoom, frequently fail to redraw random rectangular bits in the middle of the screen, leaving blank white bits. It's quite annoying, and only seems to happen if the content is zoomed.

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