back to article Dish multi-day outage rolls on as ransomware fears grow

US telco Dish said it is investigating a multi-day network "issue" that knocked some of its systems offline, leaving customers stranded from the web. In an email to The Register on Monday morning, a Dish spokesperson said the satellite TV company is working to restore all of its systems "as quickly as possible," but declined …

  1. WolfFan

    Couldn’t happen to a better target.

  2. Walt Dismal

    the herring is red

    I cannot help but wonder whether this is actually coverup for other things for Dish subsidiary Boost. Six weeks ago I had a run-in with Boost Mobile, as they were demanding customers transfer to a new 'upgraded' system of theirs. The problem is, the new system was terribly buggy and non-functional. It obviously had NOT been tested, as it presented obvious and visible errors. And it would not let one transfer one's current phone number to the 'upgraded' system. The website had bugs and flaws. Its JavaScript had perceivable coding errors. I engaged with customer support re my consumer problems, and they were unable to fix the issues, so in the end I went to another provider. Throughout, I had a constant sense of incompetence at managerial levels. Now, if things were much broken, a subsequent claim of being hacked could cover a lot of guilt.

  3. vcragain

    I am affected by this - my main Dish connection works normally, and tv is good, but if I try to use the internet connection to Dish via my computer - which I often do, now that method no longer works. Not life ending, just a nuisance since we get into habits of how we use everything. I wish there was a way to really punish those who think it's hilarious to interfere with the world's normal standing - sure you are a clever clogs, but also just a big nuisance to the rest of us ! Please just drop dead !

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