back to article US to impose caps on Korean chip shops working in China

The USA's ban on certain semiconductor tech reaching Chinese shores will likely see it set quotas for non-Chinese chipmakers that build their products in the Middle Kingdom, according to Alan Estevez, undersecretary of commerce for industry and security at the Department of Commerce. Estevez mentioned the quota plan on …

  1. martinusher Silver badge


    I can't help thinking that we're in some kind of fantasy world where there's a whole pile of people inside the Beltway who's job is to invent new ways to control and restrict global trade. Sure, some sanctions and restrictions are working (I suppose) but a very large part of the world has a significant incentive to work around them and the more we in the US tighten the screws the greater the incentive.Put simply, we just can't be allowed to win -- we may achieve some short term success but we are doomed to long term failure and furthermore we're likely to become a pariah because our efforts are solely destructive -- we don't have that much to contribute but we feel we have a right to control merely because we were the first to exploit this type of technology (and we did it 50 years ago or more).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Civilian Intelligence: An Oxymoron

      If the optical seeker of an advanced, ship killing missile uses a high end IC, then the rational action is to deny this IC to your adversary.

      Also, deny tool machines, pure chemicals, training services*, cotton (still used for ammunition) to your adversary.

      According to the Free Trade Nuts, NATO and friends should equip the future enemy with all the high tech they need to kill us. Plain Insane !

      * outrageous stuff ongoing, with British EFA pilots training the Chicoms. I hope SIS has invited all of them to a cup of tea.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "biotech for superhuman soldiers"

    So, if we're talking biotechm we're not talking about exoskeletons. We are thus still limited by what the human can do. There will be no biotech that will allow a human being to jump over a 2 meter wall.

    If you start mentioning nanobots, we're off to sci-fi land and you are irrelevant. And no, we're not going to be modifying eyeballs to have Terminator-style Augmented Reality screens inside our heads. So what's left ? What are the domains were biotech would actually bring something to the battlefield ?

    I'm guessing that one area that would bring certain benefit is if soldiers could recuperate faster. Sprint over 50 meters, recover in three seconds, dash again, repeat five times. That would allow for much faster covering of territory, quicker repositioning on the battlefield and thus more effective use of firepower to take the day. At least, I think it would.

    Another area is enhanced awareness, ie sleepless soldiers. That is an area that has already been studied for decades and we're no closer to any real solution. A soldier that is awake for over 48 hours at a stretch is a soldier that starts losing his grip on reality, no drug has been able to correct that. So I don't know that there is any biotech that can correct that issue, but that would be one hell of an improvement on the battlefield. Combined with fast recovery and you have an assault force that could fight for two days straight and litterally wear the enemy out before reinforcements could arrive, thus vastly improving battlefield results.

    But I don't see that biotech will enable soldiers to shoot better, or see at night, or run faster or carry heavier loads. Equipment and training help for those things, not biology.

    So what biotech is being cooked up in the secret labs ?

    1. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

      Re: "biotech for superhuman soldiers"

      Actually, Universal Soldier comes to mind, where you fill a dead troop with biotech and send him back out again. But the crap better be hardened, because it wouldn't take much to develop a weapon to take them out without affecting unadulterated meatsacks.

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