back to article China cuts off two chatbots: A local effort that flopped, and ChatGPT

China's reaction to ChatGPT fever has seen a university-developed version crash within hours of launch, even more new regulations from Beijing, and an accelerated timeline to deploy the tech from local AI giant Baidu. The crash happened at Fudan University, which on Monday released a platform called MOSS. The developers behind …

  1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

    So if they're launching "Ernie", does that mean that Baidu is Chinese for "Bert"? Or will it be more like the UK government's "Ernie" by just chucking stuff out at random?

  2. Captain_Cretin

    How about Huawei's Effort ?

    Ie, a Thai girl hidden in a booth answering questions, while some stolen avatar rendering is displayed on a screen in front of the booth?

    "I am young girl and beautiful !!!!!!"

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