back to article Foxconn expands Vietnam factories, perhaps to help Apple diversify beyond China

Electronics assembler for the stars Foxconn has signed a $62.5 million lease on 45 hectares of land in an industrial park in Vietnam's Bac Giang province, as tech manufacturing operations continue to shift out of China. The information was revealed late on Tuesday in a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange from the massive …

  1. Boozearmada
  2. Mark Exclamation

    Moving as much manufacturing as possible out of China can only be a good thing.

    1. tooltalk

      except that Apple is not moving out of China b/c there is too much money on the table. Apple was the best selling iPhone last quarter in China with nearly 25% of the market share.

      1. kat_bg

        Was about manufacturing... Of course Apple will keep some manufacturing in China

  3. Medixstiff

    I wouldn't be heading to China ever again if I was a Foxconn exec, I might be taken into custody on false corruption charges or similar and then put on trial after 2 years.

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