back to article BAE Systems handed £38m Border Force intelligence contract

UK aerospace and defence company BAE Systems has won a £38 million ($45.7 million) contract for "an advanced, highly capable analytics and targeting system" for intelligence officers at the nation's borders. Dubbed the Cerberus project, the Home Office plan has a whole-life cost of nearly £200 million ($241 million) and has …

  1. Caver_Dave Silver badge

    Is it worth it?

    The projects own accounting officer said

    Cost: £198.2 million

    Benefits: £106.3 million + £8.6 million + £65.4 million = £180.3 million

    Overall benefit seems only to be as a method of lining BAE pockets

    1. SCP

      Re: Is it worth it?

      Whilst the disparity in the cost/benefit figures might question the value-for-money to the Government, it does not imply that it will "line the pockets" of BAE Systems.

      The projected benefits are not to costs incurred by BAE Systems so subtracting the two figures tells you nothing about the benefit/loss to BAE Systems.

      It is not entirely clear (in the article) whether the accounting base for "whole life cost" and the benefits are the same (for example the benefits might be only those accrued over a shorter period).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Is it worth it?

        Didn't realise we had the BAE CEO on The Register! Welcome.

  2. Boozearmada

    just bypass it by coming in on a dinghy

  3. DonnyJJ

    Why award such a tech and data heavy contract to an old fashioned industrial supplier? Surely a tech industry player would do a far better job.

    No doubt it will be a waterfall-driven, silo'ed sub-contractor (with reduced visibility) led project of mismanaged requirements, insane beaurcracy and many years passing before development even commences. The same problems these traditional supplier projects suffer every single time, and every time the government says they'll learn, but as this shows, they don't!

    This all just reeks of old fashioned procurement processes by the usual group of cosied up suppliers whose executives have shared many a fancy meal with the right politicians.

  4. Dave K


    I wonder if it'll start bad, become good, then get indoctrinated as each successive version is released?

    Bonus points if the lead PM goes by the handle of IllusiveMan...

  5. Arthur the cat Silver badge

    Border Force intelligence contract

    The jokes just write themselves.

  6. s. pam

    but will the @£$%^&* gates open and all work???

    YAWN - Yet Another Waste Now programme, meh.

    All we care is will ALL the damn e-Gates at the stupid airport work at all hours so we don't have to talk to Border FArce staff??? Landing at 0530 and finding the gates closed with a student at the head of the queue with their visa paperwork for first time entry and the @£$%^&* gates closed is pathetic

  7. Tron Bronze badge

    Ignoring the oxymorons that pepper this piece...

    ...can we assume that, being British, this will be a world first - the first AI system to go on strike for more memory and a faster processor?

  8. Matthew 25

    Got an immigration problem?

    What you need is a 3 headed dog. Oh! And hope no one plays music to it.

    1. steelpillow Silver badge

      Re: Got an immigration problem?

      They should rename the English Channel the Styx.

  9. h3nb45h3r

    Just be grateful!

    At least Fujitsu didn't win it, so this may work!

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