back to article Intel patches up SGX best it can after another load of security holes found

Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX) are under the spotlight again after the chipmaker disclosed several newly discovered vulnerabilities affecting the tech, and recommended users update their firmware. The security holes are among the latest disclosures listed on Intel's Security Center page. These cover a wide range of …

  1. Lorribot

    Intel buys McAfee....

    We will bake security right in to the processors... McAfee style.... Intel sells McAfee, Intel fails miserably to make anything secure baked in or otherwise.

    So many holes, so much patching.

    1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: Intel buys McAfee....

      Typical corporate anti-virus leaves you with one CPU core doing work, one CPU core intercepting that work, and 14 cores idle on I/O wait. We're at rock bottom so any dumb idea is worth marketing.

  2. JohnSheeran

    I always love the "users should update their BIOS" statements. As if users even know what that means and as if manufacturers actually even release BIOS updates and notify anyone when they do.

    1. kvuj

      Linux gets a lot of things wrong, but fwupd is simply fantastic. A simple to use tool to update every firmware on your pc is heavenly.

      Laptop manufacturers (Dell/Lenovo) also like it because it simplifies greatly their Linux support.

      I'm pretty surprised that after all these years, Microsoft didn't create something similar. I think they sometimes ship certain updates with Windows update, but it's very closed and doesn't support a lot of models.

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