back to article China's tech giants and Beijing – the city – rush to build AI chatbots

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology said on Monday it will support enterprises in building large AI models that compare to ChatGPT, as China's tech giants rush to deliver their own generative AI chatbots. The agency announced it would support enterprises to build the models as well as an ecology of …

  1. martinusher Silver badge

    Its the new Gold Rush

    Some old geezer came into town a week or so back muttering about "Gold in them thar hills" and its been pandemonium since.

    Ultimately the questions around this are going to be things like "Is it any use?", "How can we monetize it?" and the perennial Politico/Pentagon question "How can we prevent them from getting it?".

    I've played with ChatGPT a bit and think its wicked smart --- but I'd still not trust it with my life or machinery.

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