back to article 'Private cloud server' Jira upgraded for wider teams, dragged into culture wars

Atlassian's Jira tool last Friday received significant upgrades aimed at encouraging its use beyond development teams, a day after it was cast in a sinister role in the USA's culture wars. Let's cover the upgrade first. Atlassian has signalled that Jira Product Discovery (JPD) will soon become generally available. Like the …

  1. sabroni Silver badge

    Pussy Ass Bitch

    Which doesn't count as three insults 'cos the first two words are qualifying the last one.

    Strangely, this kind of government interference (ie. ACTUAL government interference) wasn't included in the "Twitter Files".

    I wonder why.

    1. yetanotheraoc Silver badge

      Re: Pussy Ass Bitch

      "Of course The Register is far too polite to repeat what Teigen called Trump, but that is after all what search engines are for."

      That won't be what search engines are for once the liberal bias has been eradicated from all things tech.

    2. InsaneGeek

      Re: Pussy Ass Bitch

      But that information WAS in the Twitter files... where else do you think they got it from?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    JIRA *sigh* We're being forced off on site servers to the cloud. I understand them wanting to fleece customers at every oppertunity but if we can find another onsite toolset we can migrate too they'll be losing at least one customer. I really hope the higher ups don't get us any deeper to the hole we're already in.

    1. Pete Sdev Bronze badge

      Many moons ago I ran a Jira+Confluence instance on a commodity PC for a smallish team. Needed a fair bit of RAM being Java, but was otherwise reliable and did what it needed to.

      Having it on-site proved to be a good move when one day the people building new flats behind where our office was put a digger blade through some cables resulting in no phone or Internet for the whole block...

  3. Khaptain Silver badge

    Gas works

    We used Jira for a couple of months but gave it up. We didn't find it as productive as they would like you to believe, another web interface offering a silver bullet.

    However as a middle man between the TLAs and the previous Twitter Employees it seemed very effective, as they successfully managed to hide a lot of very important information from the public.

    As ”narrative control project management” tool it's probably a 10/10, the ex Twitter test platform proven it's worthiness.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Having been unlucky enough to have managed Jira and Confluence for a team of 150 for 2 years, I'm afraid the next time I have to go near an Atlassian product I will gouge my own eyes out. Awful software that like so many others is adequate at best and simply survives on it's merit as the only name people know, it gets wedged in as "the must have tool" and once it's got 50,000 records there's no way to eject it without a lot of chaos and thus you're forced to keep running it.

  5. that one in the corner Silver badge

    Servers of Purest Evil (in the microwave)

    > cloak-and-dagger terms as a "private cloud server" and suggested that use of such tools is inappropriate

    Oooh, I feel so naughty and rebellious with my NextCloud install.

    (Though not actually evil - it isn't a Jira instance)

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