back to article Xen hypervisor port to RISC-V moving – slowly, but moving

If RISC-V is to become a viable processor architecture for servers, its software ecosystem will need a solid hypervisor. Which is why The Register noted in 2021 that a project had commenced to bring the open source Xen hypervisor to RISC-V, the open instruction set architecture. And in 2023 we can report that effort is moving …

  1. Bartholomew

    It is not just for servers ...

    It is not just needed for servers, it is also prerequisite needed before Qubes desktop can be ported to RISC-V.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that the same XEN hypervisor...

    ...that's been in a death spiral on x86 for years and has long been abandoned by the big players in favour of KVM?

    While it's certainly nice to have options, I can't see how a hypervisor which has been pretty much irrelevant for a while being ported to RISC-V will help that platform in the datacentre.

    1. Mye

      Re: Is that the same XEN hypervisor...

      Kind of. Xcp-ng is a fork of the original xen hypervisor.

      I've worked with all the big hypervisor players in various organizations and I found that xcpng plus xen orchestra to be one of the easier systems to manage and provide better functionality for the dollar then any of the others.

      Xen lost popularity because of Citrix and it's predatory pricing, not anything to do with its technical foundations, which I consider solid.

      It's worth spending the time to understand xcp-ng and xen orchestra

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Is that the same XEN hypervisor...

      Yes. That's why KVM already supported RISC-V in 2021, and no-one even noticed that Xen doesn't work..

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