back to article Big three cloud giants tighten grip as overall spending slows

Enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services slowed in the fourth quarter of 2022, but that didn't stop the big three platforms from taking two-thirds of the entire market. Cloud spending for the quarter surpassed $61 billion worldwide, which was actually up by more than $10 billion when compared with the same period a …

  1. Peter-Waterman1

    What about Oracle Cloud?

    Not included any more, or too small to show on the graph?

  2. JacobZ

    No surprise

    If you look at any significant enterprise IT market of the last forty years or so, they often become dominated by three major companies with a bunch of much smaller also-rans - or as I like to say, three gorillas and a bunch of monkeys.

    And often this is because there are three key criteria that define the market players, say most scalable, cheapest, and first to bring new features, and one gorilla leads on each dimension. And the market typically remains "metastable", which is to say stable until some really significant and rapid change opens an opportunity for somebody to displace one of the gorillas before they can react.

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