back to article HeadCrab bots pinch 1,000+ Redis servers to mine coins

A sneaky botnet dubbed HeadCrab that uses bespoke malware to mine for Monero has infected at least 1,200 Redis servers in the last 18 months. The compromised servers span the US, UK, German, India, Malaysia, China and other countries, according to Aqua Security's Nautilus researchers, who discovered the HeadCrab malware and …

  1. chivo243 Silver badge

    Head(of The Crusty)Crab

    And mining coins! Hilarious! Who names the bots, the owner, or the discoverer?

    By Boyo!

  2. Michael Hoffmann Silver badge

    We all know what works best against headcrabs...

    Hand out the crowbars!

  3. MrAleGG

    The fat of the land

  4. Gene Cash Silver badge

    One born every minute

    On one hand, this is obviously criminal activity.

    On the other hand, anyone putting a completely unsecured server on today's internet without even so much as a firewall, also deserves a large beating, including fines.

    Yes, the default is "unsecured" and that's bad, but then these weren't meant to be exposed to the internet. It's the responsibility of the people setting the server up to secure it.

    Can't we get them on something like "encouraging criminal activity"?

    Fortunately it's only stealing CPU time from them, but it could be worse. These could participate in a DDOS, spam relays, or something else that harms people other than the server owners.

  5. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    A sneaky botnet dubbed HeadCrab...

    The victims were scratching their heads, wondering...

  6. excession


    Underrated subtitle on this article.

    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Sebastian!

      Took me a while to get it, because I pronounce /etc as "etcetera" or "ekt". I don't think I've met someone who says it as "ee tee cee".

      Next you'll be telling me it's "em vee" not "muv" or "cee pee" instead of "cup".

  7. ElRegioLPL

    I think expecting a server administrator who hasn't even set a password to disable a feature is wishful thinking...

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