back to article GPU slowdown earns Discord weird bug of the week

If you're one to obsess over frames per second or CPU and GPU utilization, you may have noticed some odd behavior when using Discord with Nvidia graphics cards of late. When playing games with Discord open in the background, Nvidia GPU memory clocks are running slower than they ought to be. The bug, first spotted by folks …

  1. Phones Sheridan Silver badge

    Discord is a security nightmare, it doesn't like firewalls, in fact to use it you to have to unblock ports 433 and 50000-65535 to all destinations. I wouldn't be surprised if other services not limited to voice and video streaming are in that tool using many of these other ports, say cryptomining, that takes a small percentage of your video cards processing to run that task while you run the free software, You shouldn't notice a slight drop in frame rate, right?. Then multiply that by the few million users they have.....

    Me cynical?

    1. Martin-73 Silver badge

      Yeah, it's a strange application alright

  2. CommonBloke

    Electron's the bug

    It's the same thing that makes Visual Studio and Epic Games Store worse than they should be. I remember a few months back that, for whatever reason, Electron apps had problems with anti-aliasing and several fonts would look blurry for no apparent reason. If memory serves, it was a problem with hardware acceleration.

    Electron needs to die ASAP

    1. vekkq

      Re: Electron's the bug

      Btw. Discord switched to React Native a while back.

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