back to article China reportedly producing quantum computers – good luck observing one

Quantum computers have started rolling off the production line in China, according to local media reports. Global Times offers one of many such accounts and China Television has also covered the news. None of the reports offer concrete detail. Indeed, many open with a reference to the presence of a quantum computer in the …

  1. alain williams Silver badge

    China has banned its export

    Maybe the rest of us should crack their research labs and grab the blueprints.

    I am not one who usually advocates such action, but China regularly steals tech info from us. Sauce for the goose & gander.

    If we do not do so then I doubt that China will hesitate to use whatever advantage that it has against us.

    It is a shame that as a species we do not cooperate for mutual benefit. Maybe something of Darwin as the cause.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: China has banned its export

      As admirable a thought as it is, you have to remember China uses 1984 as a guide book so spies are rather hard to get into high security locations (I mean, you can wear a tux as much as you like but you'd still stand out being a well dressed, well fed westerner very keen on working in remote labs...) even then they have rather good network of snitches, comma sniffers and blacked out vans capable of disappearing people from the street.

      It's long proven a rather tough nut to crack the middle kingdom.

      1. fg_swe Bronze badge

        "Tough Nut"

        Your assumption just shows the lack of people skills of computer folks like us. Do you really think the British, the Americans, the Germans will send a Bond-style white guy to China ? Complete with an shiny Aston-Martin and a $30000 Rolex ?

        No, they will recruit a Chinese engineer/scientist working in South Korea or Japan. This man will travel between mainland and SK or JP on a regular basis. He can bring the goods with him on a Flash chip stuck into his gumshoes. Also, the guy will look like a moderately well-off Chinese man, just like engineers do.

        Now, that's my imagination, the Oxford-educated and SIS-trained officers of SIS have much better knowledge how to do this. They robbed the Russians blind, they will do the same with China.

  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    If You Peel Off The "Quantum Computer" Label... says LENOVO.

  3. martinusher Silver badge

    Come on.....

    I was going to post a remark about quantum computers being used to crack encryption but I thought that was just about the only application that they're being developed for at the moment (its not called that in most articles, its all about factoring into primes and so on.....same thing).

    But then I thought "Reg, you really need to get your act together when reporting on China". Its yet another article implying -- if not directly stating -- that Chinese people are intellectually inferior hive mind types who work for starvation wages, live in a state of fear and so on. The usual cliches. When you think that the UK, a country that practically invented computing, can't actually make a computer because it abandoned its industrial base decades ago then it might be time for a bit of introspection.

    As for Chinese nationalism -- you attack a country with your dumb hybrid wars what do you expect? I know that if I was, for example, a Huawei employee I'd be working around to clock to stick it to the West. (The company's employee owned as well -- a bit of extra incentive.) Multiply that over a nation the size of Europe with a third of the world's population and we've just made ourselves a heap of (unnecessary) trouble.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. IGotOut Silver badge

        Re: Who Is Attacking Whom ?

        "... thinks they are super-powerful and can bully all of their neighbours, except the Russians. ....If they were really smart, they would first and foremost polish their relationships and the trust with their neighbors"

        Are you on about China... or the USA with much of Central and South America?

        1. fg_swe Bronze badge

          US Neighbours

          Both Canada and Mexico are on very friendly terms with the U.S. Strong economic partnership. There has been belligerence with latin America decades ago and it yielded not many good relations.

          Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are the exception from the rule. And all of them suffer from HUNGER, as far as I can fathom here. Communism at its worst.

          Granted, there are loads of lazy and entitled commies throughout latin America, but most nations have very good relations with America. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and many small ones.

  4. Frank Bitterlich

    Excerpt from the User's Guide

    A short excerpt from the User's Guide:

    Dear user, do congratulate on buy best Qunatum Computer you enjoy. PLEASE NOTE: currently Qunatum Module may not be ready best working yet on now fully. Meanwhile, "power on" LED actually emits quantum (multiple, of green light color) We suggest you download new drivers on 制造商 website, which is avalable on 2024/01/01. PLEASE NOT leave negative feedback, or we not can contact on solve problem for you.

    1. G.Y.

      Mandarin Re: Excerpt from the User's Guide

      I suspect the documentation in Mandarin is better

    2. Bebu Silver badge

      Re: Excerpt from the User's Guide

      Qunatum is (mis)spelt the same way twice which is a bit suspect in itself.

      制造商 = manufacturer apparently :)

      I look forward to ChatGPT meeting chinglish :)

  5. druck Silver badge

    Chinese quantum computers are...

    ...round, hairy and feature quantum endanglement.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The big problem of the bullsbit westerns is that they consider all peoples in the world thing like stupid westerns and westerns can fight the world with westerns tools. But of course, as usually they are wrong. The world is AGAINST westerns and if you dont see that you are blinded from cheap western propaganda, that is ever worst than communist ones.So, please check the name and AFFILIATION of the 90 percent of the scientific Q1 publications, see the 600 km/h trains and Hydrogen trains (against 100 km/h trains in the US) and then talk about this. Everybody begin with "stealing" and then develop his own better tech. Japanese "steal" from US but now theybare better. US stolen from Germany after WWWII, Germany - from France, France from Arabians and Percian (in early centuries), they from Roman Empire, Romans from Ancient Greece etc. But as usually stupid fatty western morons thinks that they are the best because they are only 300 years old and they consider the World starts with them. As fast dissappear western "civilization" as better for the humanity. And dont delete this comment, deletion just prove that there arw no difference between China Comumism and Western 1984 style communism.

    1. fg_swe Bronze badge

      So ?

      Lazy people hate the hard-working, hard-learning ?

      You are free to stop using the inventions of Europeans. Have fun with the horse carriage and don't use any food from artificial

      fertilizer(invented by the bad, bad Kaiser Wilhelm Institute). That would be "cultural appropriation". Also, have fun with the Abacus, as Zuse and Turing invented the digital computer.

      Likewise, transistors are the evil work of the white men of AT&T. You can always use Smoke Signs, but never with digital signaling. Don't appropriate the work of Boole !

      And when you hurt yourself, don't dare to use Penicillin.

    2. fg_swe Bronze badge

      Rudolf Diesel

      This man devoted his life to get this type of engine running reliably. Before that, he tortured his mind to get the required education to understand thermodynamic engines.

      Only greedy people can be mad at Rudolf and his people.

  7. StargateSg7

    I'm kinda laughing at all this since NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) has had Petabytes-per-Second-class Quantum Entanglement-based communications for over 10 years now. They use 64k by 64k arrays of Xenon particles trapped within nano-wells drilled into Borosilicate Glass and read/write the entangled Q-Bits INDIRECTLY using the INFERRED TRANSFER of information to a local nanostructure that is in itself having its bit-wise value (i.e. ON/OFF) read-from and written-to using a pulsed UV laser to get around and SOLVE the quantum decoherence elephant-in-the-room issue!

    While I am personally not on the Q-Bits team, I am aware of their current research to turn quantum entangled particles into virtualized Transistors which will let them make virtualized microcircuits that can form virtualized quantum processors that do all-states-at-once computing using a merging of quantum and classical computing techniques that are actually USEFUL and POSSIBLE to act upon and use in a real-world scientific and business environment.

    In our case, Quantum Decoherence is now a SOLVED PROBLEM, so we are quite a bit ahead of IBM, D-Wave, Google, etc. in terms of working systems. We basically turned our Quantum Entanglement communications processor into a Quantum FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to get us a small-scale multi-Q-bit microprocessor system that works TODAY IN 2023! To get to a fully virtualized quantum processor of Billions to Trillions of "Virtualized Quantum Transistors" will probably take another 5 to 10 years of Reserach and Development.

    YAY Canada! We Win!



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