back to article OpenText completes Micro Focus buy, CEO says bye to 8% of workforce

OpenText marked the completion of its $6bn purchase of Micro Focus by setting out plans to shed 8 percent of the combined workforce, equating to circa 2,000 people joining the dole queue. The all-cash offer was tabled in August and after passing the shareholder sniff test, the sale was finalized yesterday. “I would like to …

  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    Combined workforce?

    I'm going to bet it was just the employees from Micro Focus.

    But I'm just cynical way. /s

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Combined workforce?

      "... cynical that way..."

      Dang it.

  2. From the States

    They bought MF for the Novell IP. LOL

    Micro Focus has dropped the hatchet plenty of times with its acquisitions. Now, the tables are turned.

    1. Bebu Silver badge

      Re: They bought MF for the Novell IP. LOL

      Curious - what particular Novell IP?

      Must admit Micro Focus was off my radar since the time they were marketing cobol and other compilers for msdos (and cp/m?)

      If it were Netware they wanted I wish all joy to them. :)

      I suppose it might be some directory server stuff or residual USL IP.

      I would throw in System V streams with Netware gratis. :)

  3. dryad

    Cheap and not so cheerful Opentext

    Opentext buy companies regularly, trim them down and move onto the next big-ish thing that the CEO & CTO thinks. Having had the mis-fortune of being present as a visitor for one of Barrenechea's all staff meetings its all about him and his ego. It's the cheapest company I've had the misfortune of having dealings with

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