back to article Jellyfish watches for the sting of developer bottlenecks

Boston-based software biz Jellyfish believes it can help devs write better code by focusing on the adjacent processes to avoid software slowdowns. The toolmaker on Tuesday announced Life Cycle Explorer, a utility for spotting software engineering bottlenecks during the software development lifecycle. It's part of Jellyfish's …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The screenshot looks like it's from some Indian "labor" company.

    To understand this software better, in the title replace "developer bottlenecks" with "human trash". I read the title and thought it was going to be about actual optimizations but, I was catfished by some bean counter propaganda.

  2. Vikingforties

    Reaches for stock photo Jellyfish....

    Oh dear, that appears to be mislabelled. Still, I'm sure the company won't mind being likened to a deadly poisonous siphonophore.

  3. teebie

    "How long did you spend refining this" "about an hour"

  4. TheWeetabix

    “… and their leaders”

    This software isn't for developers, it’s so that manglement can pretend they have a clue what’s going on by spouting off numbers that they could’ve built up in a spreadsheet with two minutes of work, especially since jira does time tracking. Isn’t building those reports part of that management “skill” “set”?

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