back to article Automotive industry is driving revenue for at least one chip company: STMicroelectronics

Chipmaker STMicroelectronics appears to be bucking the industry trend by beating analyst expectations and delivering revenues towards the upper end of guidance, driven by demand from the automotive and industrial segments, the company said. While others in the semiconductor business have reported weaker orders and declining …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    F small business

    Sadly that company seems to have decided to f small business that can't access ST chips and there are no Chinese clones available for certain models as they seem to prefer to care for automotive industry more.

    1. blackcat Silver badge

      Re: F small business

      Sadly true, getting hold of some STM32 micros in small qty (<1000) is pretty much impossible. I'd 90% finished a board when we discovered the supply had completely dried up and had to rip-up and re-design the board for an NXP part which we could get.

  2. Rattus


    It is not surprising that ST and other semiconductor "manufactures" have chosen to fulfil their bigger customers first (TBH what we get is the scraps from the table) however;

    The good news is that we are now *beginning* to see stock trickle down into the catalogue distributors.

    All this talks about a Semi-conductor downturn is utter crap,

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