back to article City council cans ERP project, keeps details of replacement supplier secret

Leeds City Council is keeping the replacement of its Oracle finance system secret after deciding to abandon plans for a £44 million ($54 million) ERP system to support finance, HR and payroll. In 2021, the local authority for Leeds, a city in northern England, kicked off procurement of a core ERP system that was to create a 20 …

  1. Locky

    New supplier

    As a current creditor of funds to Leeds CC's coffers and knowing how much they have spare at the moment for essential services, I expect the new service will be Excel, supplied by Fag Packet Designs plc

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If it works, and is cheaper and better supported than the usual suspects, then why not...........

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Excel

      Data? This is just a poorly arranged collection of bits that offers numerous possibilities for interpretation. What did you use for your user interface? A multiuser excel spreadsheet?

  3. 43300 Silver badge

    "In 2021, the local authority for Leeds, a city in northern England"

    Explanation for your US readers, presumably? I suspect that most people in the UK are going to have heard of England's fourth-largest city (and capital of Yorkshire)...

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Capital of Yorkshire? I think the residents of York might disagree.

      During the Civil War, York was even the Royal capital of the whole of England. Leeds was just sheep back then.

      1. 43300 Silver badge

        I was a resident of York for nearly two decades - it's definitely no longer the capital of Yorkshire, and hasn't been for several hundred years. How things were at the time of the Civil War isn't really relevant to today!

        1. AMBxx Silver badge

          I'll give Leeds title of 'Capital of West Yorkshire'. Definitely not the whole of Yorkshire (the clue's in the name).

          That puts Leeds on a par with Driffield (Capital of East Yorkshire) which seems about right.

          1. 43300 Silver badge

            I intentionally used 'capital' not 'county town' - Leeds is the focal point of the whole of Yorkshire - it's the largest city, the biggest centre of employment and the hub of the regional transport networks.

            If you are looking at county towns, East Riding is actually Beverley, not Driffield...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The capital of Yorkshire is Y.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        A question often asked...

    3. NeilPost Silver badge

      Surely the ‘Capital’ (?) of Yorkshire should be York ?

      1. katrinab Silver badge

        How many county capitals are the town/city they are named after?

        Going through the list of shires in England:

        n - Bedfordshire - Luton

        n - Berkshire - Reading

        n - Buckinghamshire - Aylesbury

        y - Cambridgeshire - Cambridge

        y - Cheshire - Chester

        n - Derbyshire - Matlock

        y - Gloucestershire - Gloucester

        n - Hampshire - Winchester

        y - Herefordshire - Hereford

        y - Hertfordshire - Hertford

        y - Huntingdonshire - Huntingdon

        n - Lancashire - Preston

        y - Lincolnshire - Lincoln

        y - Leicestershire - Leicester

        y - Northamptonshire - Northampton

        n - Nottinghamshire - West Bridgford

        y - Oxfordshire - Oxford

        n - Shropshire - Shrewsbury

        y - Staffordshire - Stafford

        y - Warwickshire - Warwick

        n - Wiltshire - Trowbridge

        y - Worcestershire - Worcester

        n - Yorkshire - Leeds

        So out of 23 shire counties, 13 are named after their capital. Berkshire for example, doesn't as far as I'm aware even have a place called Berk. I don't think Wiltshire has a place called Wilt either.

        1. GruntyMcPugh Silver badge

          'West Bridgford' very funny. Capital of Cricket, maybe,....

          Oh, the Yorkshire thing,.. it's York, or as my ancestors called it, 'Jorvik. Now give me your stuff or I'll cut you in half with my Axe.'

          1. katrinab Silver badge

            County Hall for Nottinghamshire County Council is located in West Bridgford, so that's why I put it as the capital. Nottingham isn't even in Nottinghamshire any more.

            But then again, Aberdeen isn't in Aberdeenshire, but the HQ of Aberdeenshire Council is in Aberdeen, outside its own council area, so I don't know how I would classify that one.

            1. the.spike

              Nottingham City Council might be the local authority for Nottingham the city, but I'm pretty sure that Nottingham is still in Nottinghamshire.

        2. 43300 Silver badge

          "I don't think Wiltshire has a place called Wilt either."

          Ir refers to Wilton - a village just outside Salisbury.

  4. localzuk Silver badge

    Monolithic systems

    One, monolithic, system to do everything sounds good from one angle, but from many other angles is a terrible idea. You will always end up with uncomfortable compromises with a single solution doing everything.

  5. pip25

    ERPs are horrible

    There is definitely a demand for centralized solutions that can do most things or at least are customizable enough to be adapted to an organization's needs, but what is currently on the market seems to range from bad to worse. The "least bad" one my company bought is the bane of my existence. ;_;

  6. Ryan D

    Six in one or half a dozen others. Never a fun choice to make when selecting solutions.

  7. NeilPost Silver badge


    Leeds University will pitch in. They were on here on Monday after the same.

  8. Al fazed

    Do they have a

    CIO ?

    So it's just as much guess work as in any other business, which witch should it be ? To SAP or to ERP ? That is the question.

    Oh no it isn't.

    Oh yes it is.

    Oh no it isn't.........

    It's behind you ............


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Leeds, a city in northern England

    This might be the day I stop looking at The Register.

  10. Lonpfrb

    Error on SAP

    SAP Business Suite end of standard support is 2027 not 2025. Whilst it's possible to go live in as little as 3 months most customers would be more comfortable with 24 months so 2025 is the decision deadline in practice.

    Obviously the demand will be huge due to the deadline and the supply is limited so best value to act now to avoid cost or worse being out of support.

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