back to article What's driving multicloud? War, regulation, plague, says Acronis CEO

Businesses are moving IT infrastructure closer to their offices and therefore working with many local clouds and colocation facilities, but are not going back to on-prem, according to Acronis CEO Patrick Pulvermueller. The factors driving the shift away from remote datacenters include war, law, and pandemics. "If you are a …

  1. TechYogJosh

    Multi cloud

    Wow such fear mongering still exists? Whatever may be Europe has no credible alternative to AWS, Azure, and GCP, in fact no credible alternative to any US-tech, but it has to float in its delusional glory that it can create local cloud. Most of these local cloud are reseller of the three hyperscalers or itsy bitsy irrelevant players. They arent getting wiped out because of people like quoted in this article. Yes there may be case for some specific workloads to follow what is said above, but if that was case for all enterprise tech the US-based cloud providers would not have been growing like crazy. So Europe needs to stop being a cry baby and smell the coffee of change.

  2. Steve Button Silver badge

    What's driving the multicloud?

    What's driving it? Nothing. Apart from a few specific workloads, no one wants multi cloud. Unless you happen to be selling multi cloud.

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