back to article Like Uber, but for China: Beijing creates state-owned meta rideshare service

China's government has announced it's built its own rideshare and transport-as-a-service platform. News of the Qiangguo Jiaotong service – which translates as "strong nation's transportation" – was broken yesterday by Communist Party organ Beijing Daily in a story that indicated it was developed to combat "the disorderly …

  1. Kevin Johnston

    Data Security

    So with this being China is the problem that the 'other' systems have no security or that it blocks everyone from scraping the data?

  2. codejunky Silver badge


    "the disorderly expansion"

    Market expansion can be disorderly. It is the chaos that provides what people wants and allows the experimentation to progress by allowing others to fail.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: Hmm

      We have no markets. This is communism.

      So I guess DiDi is basically screwed now.

      1. kat_bg

        Re: Hmm

        DiDi will politely asked to be acquired by the state owned entity for the sake of the country :)

  3. tony72


    And just days ago, the headline was "Beijing official says crackdown on tech companies is over". Clearly that's somewhat selective, because it sure sounds like there's still a crackdown on ride-sharing tech companies.

  4. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    "safe in the knowledge that data is handled by the government rather than private concerns."

    This being China, that surely requires a stretch of the definition for the word "safe"...

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