back to article Writing tool from AI21 Labs won't do all the hard work for you

Language model startup AI21 Labs launched Wordtune Spices on Tuesday – a generative AI tool that aims to enhance human writing rather than replace it with machine-churned text. Unlike ChatGPT and similar software, Spices is not an open-ended system that will produce long passages of text when instructed with a prompt. The …

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  2. Mike 137 Silver badge

    A viable alternative?

    "Trying to ban students or researchers using AI is pointless, he believes. Institutions should, instead, adapt to these types of tools."

    Universities used to have a procedure that could reliably detect plagiarism and bullshit. It was called the personal tutorial and required the student to discuss and defend their essay in person in conversation with a tutor. It had the additional benefit of being highly educational for the student. Unfortunately it's largely fallen out of use -- probably because it's labour intensive and therefore expensive. "AI" essay parsing is no substitute, primarily because the automaton has zero understanding and, being commonly based on an averaged sample of texts, has a high probability of rejecting the truly original, thereby entrenching mediocre standards.

    Education is dead -- long live education.

  3. Primus Secundus Tertius

    Tools and fools

    All these tools, from the spell check upwards, will help a good writer become more productive. But they will not turn a poor writer into a good one.

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