back to article Cloud Software Group confirms 15 percent headcount cut

The Cloud Software Group, the mashup of Citrix and TIBCO, has confirmed it made at least one thousand staff redundant yesterday. A "CEO Update" penned by boss Tom Krause states that the biz yesterday "notified roughly 15% of the total Cloud Software Group workforce that their roles have been eliminated or made redundant as …

  1. R J

    Citrix Marketing

    Is it too much to hope for that among those let go, there's the marketing people re-naming and re-branding the Citrix products all the time?

    30% of the certification process is knowing the current and past name of a product. And now that we finally got the Netscaler name back, can we please just end this already!

    1. TonyJ

      Re: Citrix Marketing

      Actually this is the core problem with Citrix, I feel, and has been for a couple of decades.

      They were initially in the do one thing and do it well camp but had to expand that offering over the years.

      What they never seemed to be able to settle on was what they were as a company or where they sat in the food chain.

      This constantly rebranding has always felt like a search to answer that basic question.

      And in the background they lost sight of what they were actually good at.

      Add in the crazy licensing costs as there were ever more alternatives becoming available that if not as good, were plenty good enough, and it became a recipe for disaster.

      And that's before the madness of buying-but-not-really-buying Xen.

      I've said it before - the question used to be "when will MS buy Citrix?" but it became "why would MS bother to buy Citrix"?

      If I worked for Citrix or was a Citrix customer I'd be looking at alternatives right now.

      1. Youngone Silver badge

        Re: Citrix Marketing

        We're a Citrix customer and we are currently cutting them out completely.

        Most because of the quality of their products.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don’t think Citrix is a Tech Company any more

    What has happened is that they have extracted the cash, and are now slowly winding down.

    You don’t need many staff if all you do is sell licenses to unlock an unchanging ISO image…

    What they are saying is “we aren’t going to do new stuff that would pay for 2000 salaries a year”.

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