back to article Wiretap lawsuit accuses Apple of tracking iPhone users who opted out

Apple "unlawfully records and uses consumers' personal information and activity," claims a new lawsuit accusing the company of tracking iPhone users' device data even when they've asked for tracking to be switched off. The would-be class action lawsuit, filed in Pennsylvania, accuses [PDF] Apple of violating Pennsylvania's …

  1. fidodogbreath

    Facial recognition

    "Your settings say 'no,' but your eyes say 'yes.'"

  2. Omnipresent Bronze badge

    Apples are Baked in

    Apple very much comes from the "it's not your computer, it's ours, you are just borrowing it, and using it wrong" philosophy. I really, really hate dealing with apple as a company... ESPECIALLY the smug as shit stores. I use a "dumbphone" because I'm FORCED to, and I'm not willing to do every thought and action through the internet (Chrome/google). I'm trying to use LESS tech, and LESS computers. I want to spend as little time on a computer as I have to possibly do so. Coming from that, I go out of my way to shut down every safari/siri/iphonespy technique I can find. I use the safest and most secure options available to me. I do a deep dive to shut apple off. I don't even use gps maps, or itunes for music.

    guess what? If you do this, and open your preferences for a deep dive, you will find that it's all still there, collecting information. Tabbing it/Logging it. And those apps? collecting. I physically go in and trash it all every time I use my dumbphone. The amount of spying on these devices is beyond belief. Apple has heard most people in the world have sex.

    1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

      Re: Apples are Baked in

      "Apple has heard most people in the world have sex."

      That seems unfortunate for them. Two minutes of disappointment, twenty years of regret.

      1. Lil Endian Silver badge

        Big Sally

        "Such a disappointment for a girl. It really doesn't matter! We'll try again in a few minutes."

        [Don't tell Flossy!]

  3. Eclectic Man Silver badge

    Share prices

    When I was doing some IT security consultancy for a London City stockbrokers (you would recognise the name, so, due to client confidentiality I cannot say who), they were concerned that the mere fact they were viewing the price of a stock could affect the price. The more frequently they viewed said stock price, the more likely they would be considered to be about to trade in that stock - either as a takeover bid or to sell lots of shares. Viewing of share prices and the frequency of the views is not just personal information, in some cases it can genuinely affect the share price, depending on who is doing it. The legal action against Apple might be quite serious if this comes up.

    1. bazza Silver badge

      Re: Share prices

      That's insider trading, isn't it? If you know (to some value of know) someone is about make a trade, you have privileged information, even if its a bit hazy.

      Still, two can play that game. Just regularly look at the price of some irrelevant share, then buy the one you actually want after a single glance.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Share prices

        That's the problem brokers manage across every aspect of their businesses, every day.

        Market makers aren't the only ones that influence prices, but the bigger a broker gets, the more of a challenge it is. Hence the increasing amount of regulatory oversight and obligation faced as an operation grows.

        However most of the regulation is managing the risk borne by the bureaucrats and ministers that are ultimately responsible. Not actually implementing effective controls that fundamentally prevent things like insider trading, market manipluation, and even money laundering.

        Hence the constant flow of media misdirection required to perpetuate the scams; Look over here! "Criminals all use crypto!" (whenever a crypto company goes to the wall or is reported to be mismanaging client funds). Meanwhile over there, half of the City of London (inc Westminster) carries on helping men in grey suits all over the world wash Organised Criminals and monies stolen from other governments through GBP, USD, EUR, etc. account (and run pump and dump schemes and billions of algo bots) and trade billions every day.

        That's the real and only reason the fools haven't yet regulated crypto. Other than their intentions to legislate a ban on all the peasants' financial freedoms, other than those they control when our currencies ultimately fail- as the currencies of every failed state eventually has, and as they gradually are (Turkey, Greece, and many others in Africa, Asia, etc.)

    2. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: Share prices

      At this point, whether someone was looking or it was just paranoia, I'd write a script to regularly collect thousands of prices of stocks chosen at random, including anything held by the investment, at regular intervals (every five minutes would do). The system can withstand the bandwidth, and the firm is likely paying for that system in any case, and it lets people look at recent data without leaking any information about what they're doing.

      1. sitta_europea Silver badge

        Re: Share prices

        I did exactly that fifteen years ago.

    3. FlamingDeath Silver badge

      Re: Share prices

      Honestly, this is just solid proof that the stock market is insane.

      The wind blows, arse cheeks flap, The-Stock-Market™ in essence

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